4 Mighty Reasons Why It’s Time to Try GoToAssist Service Desk

By Veronica Puailoa

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If you are looking to do more than just organize your incidents, considering a service desk tool might be the way to go. Like a help desk, cloud-based GoToAssist Service Desk lets you track, manage and resolve issues, but it delivers a whole lot more. Easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use Service Desk includes features like a customer self-service portal, tools to manage problems, changes and releases, seamlessly integrates with the GoToAssist Remote Support and IT Monitoring tools and enables you to easily manage infrastructure changes and updates.

But how do you determine if you are ready to make the switch? Check out these 4 reasons and decide for yourself if you’re ready to grow with GoToAssist Service Desk.

ITIL best practices
Support industry best practices are what ITIL is all about, and GoToAssist Service Desk bakes ITIL right into its design. Your team gains the advantages of intuitive best practices without any training or complexity. Now you can add clarity and structure to your service and ensure superior, efficient support, pleasing your customers and support team alike.

Built-in self-service
Increasingly savvy customers are looking to bypass calling their support center and are demanding self-service. Being able to offer a convenient customer self-service portal where your end users can find answers for themselves will set you on the path to improved customer satisfaction and elevated productivity. With GoToAssist Service Desk, you can keep your customers in the know with the Knowledge Center.

Integration with remote support and IT monitoring
The ability to remotely support customers is a sign of a mature support desk, however it is important to streamline access to tools and avoid duplicate work and increase productivity. This cannot be accomplished if the remote support and IT monitoring tools are not integrated within your service management. With GoToAssist Service Desk, all three tools are seamlessly integrated. Remote support sessions can be initiated with a click from each incident ticket. In addition, support session notes and a recording are saved back to the ticket, eliminating duplicate record keeping.

Easily customizable workflows
One size does not fit all. That’s why it’s important to be able to customize your service desk to fit your individual workflow. With GoToAssist Service Desk, you can easily adjust settings, set up tasks and automatic triggers, configure alerts and much more to meet your team’s needs and speed support.

Sign up for GoToAssist Service Desk today!
If you already have a help desk or homegrown solution to organize your incidents but want to grow and expand, sign up for a GoToAssist Service Desk Free Trial today and take your support center to the next level.

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