Knowledge Articles: The Secret to Fewer Issues and Quicker Service

Curtsey of Jamie Grill, Brand X Pictures - Getty Images

Courtesy of Jamie Grill, Brand X Pictures – Getty Images

By Veronica Puailoa

Walking customers through password resets time and again is not only frustrating but productivity draining. When there are common issues that keep popping up in your queue, you know it’s time to write a knowledge article.

These articles can be leveraged in two ways:

  1. In a self-service portal: Compile your knowledge articles in the GoToAssist Service Desk Knowledge Base. This allows for customers to find solutions to their problems on their own.
  2. In response to an incident or problem: Link to a knowledge article for quicker response times.

“Linking a knowledge article with canned information to the incident enables you to respond to the customer in seconds,” according to 4 Productivity-Driving Tips for GoToAssist Service Desk. “Frequently used documents, like how to reset your password, can become great resources when resolving your tickets.”

These knowledge articles can be linked to incidents, problems, changes, releases and even other knowledge articles. They can also be managed with tasks by assigning a knowledge article topic for a technician to write.

Some examples of great topics for knowledge articles include how-to guides, best practices, frequently asked questions and training articles on setting up a product or service.

You can learn more about knowledge articles and GoToAssist Service Desk tools in the brief “4 productivity-driving tips for GoToAssist Service Desk.”

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