Dacom Does It All with GoToAssist

By Niklas Edlinger

On this mightiest of Mondays, meet Dacom Technical Services. Based out of Ontario, Dacom is a managed services provider and a value-added reseller. They’ve got a small team of about 10 people, but they’re in the business of aiming big.

They do general network management, and they do specialized litigation support. They do systems integration, and they do office automation. When it comes to providing technology solutions, you could say they do it all.

With so many bases to cover, Dacom sought a remote support tool that could help them resolve customer issues fast from anywhere. First, they tried Microsoft Systems Center Service Manager, but it wasn’t to be. The service was too cumbersome, and Dacom wanted something airtight so that no requests, emails or information would fall through the cracks.

“Our technicians used to spend too much time on issues because documentation was missing or incorrect,” explained David Korn, president of Dacom.

Dave Korn, President, Dacom

David Korn, President, Dacom

Dacom moved on to GoToAssist Remote Support and, liking what they saw, soon added the Service Desk and Monitoring modules. With the entire integrated GoToAssist solution at their disposal, Dacom was able to successfully streamline their support process. “GoToAssist centralizes all details, helping us track, manage and learn from support incidents,” said Korn.

The result? Quicker resolution times and happier customers. “Many benefits of GoToAssist are intangible, such as an increased level of customer trust resulting from fast, efficient and informed support incident response,” said David. “This integrated solution is a valuable asset to our company.”

Want to learn more about Dacom Technical Services and its integrated GoToAssist implementation? We’ll let David speak for himself – check out his video below.

You can also learn more in the Dacom case study.


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