Mighty Monday – Cogiscan Puts IT Support on Track with GoToAssist

By Niklas Edlinger

Ever seen an assembly line do its thing? Automated arms pivot and slide with frenzied grace over a flow of puzzle pieces, until eventually a whole product emerges. It’s a little bit mesmerizing to watch, and a whole bit impressive to consider. How in the world is everything managed and tracked?

On this Mighty Monday, say hello to Cogiscan, the wizard behind the curtain. They provide Track, Trace and Control (TTC) systems to equipment manufacturers and electronics assemblers. Cogiscan’s TTC software and hardware lets customers optimize their use of materials and resources throughout the manufacturing process, so everything chugs along nicely.



With customers around the world, Cogiscan initially relied on email to support end users and partners. But as Cogiscan grew, the use of email presented its own problems. Information and requests would wind up lost, causing regrettable delays in service. So Cogiscan set out to find a proper customer support solution.

André Corriveau, co-president of product management and co-founder of Cogiscan

André Corriveau, co-president of product management and co-founder of Cogiscan

“When we evaluated service desk tools, we initially selected a solution from another vendor, but I still had reservations,” said André Corriveau, co-president of product management and co-founder of Cogiscan. “Then we found GoToAssist, which offered a better user interface, greater flexibility and additional capabilities that we plan to use in the future.”

That was over two years ago, and now all requests flow through GoToAssist Service Desk. Cogiscan’s customers also take advantage of the self-service portals to troubleshoot issues and find answers on their own. The result? The number of support requests have dropped by 60–70 percent, which has freed staff to focus on testing, QA and development.

“I don’t think we could live without GoToAssist Service Desk. There would be panic here without it!” said Corriveau.

Want to learn more about Cogiscan’s implementation of GoToAssist Service Desk? Read the full case study. And if you’re interested in sharing your own Citrix story, we’d love to hear it. Get the recognition you deserve and share your experience with others by participating in the Citrix customer reference program.Mighty Mondays!

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