4 Custom Fields Your Support Tickets Need

TommL / Vetta via GettyImages

TommL / Vetta via GettyImages

By Veronica Puailoa

With social media driving much of our interaction in today’s world, seemingly insignificant customer support issues can grow to gargantuan levels if the customer is dissatisfied (and vocal about it). One of the best ways to reduce your odds of creating public-relation nightmares is to catch the issues early.

Thankfully, customizing your support tickets can give you the information you need to immediately notice when something’s gone horribly awry.

According to Holly Regan, help desk researcher at Software Advice, “Custom fields are critical to identifying widespread customer issues, because they can tie to analytics in your ticketing software that alerts support reps when an issue of a certain type starts occurring at a high volume.” Below are four custom ticket fields that can help improve your process

Location – Include a field for location in your support tickets so you can quickly see whether an issue is affecting a particular office location or department. This allows you to target your resource allocation accurately, and it gives you great insight into the size and severity of the issue

Knowledge articles – When you see common issues crop up, your support reps can internally tag them with a “Knowledge Article” field. This way, you can track which problems need a how-to guide or help page created. Support reps can then use these articles to quickly and efficiently resolve an issue.GoToAssist-Ticket

ID numbers – Store related ID numbers in your support ticket to help maintain current information on your customers across databases. “For example, a customer may have an ID in a Salesforce database, and by setting up a custom text or number field, customers’ Salesforce IDs can now be tracked and be easily added to a record,” says Luke Grimstrup, product manager for GoToAssist.

Recurrent issues – Build a drop-down menu of issues commonly encountered by your support reps. If many customers are suddenly selecting the same problem in support tickets, you know to respond much quicker.

Be sure to check out more information around customer service ticket design in 4 Steps to Creating a Support Ticket That Surfaces Critical Issues. And if you’d like to create custom incident fields in GoToAssist Service Desk, see this support page.

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