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The Geek Leader’s Handbook

bookBy Paul Glen

Do you lead technical people? Or are you thinking about becoming a technical manager?

If so, you may want to take a look at my new book, The Geek Leader’s Handbook: Essential Leadership Insight for People with Technical Backgrounds, co-authored by Maria McManus (who you may recognize from our popular Citrix-sponsored webinars and white papers).

Why another book on leadership? Because for technical leaders, most management books are incomplete at best and, quite possibly, inappropriate. Sure, you can learn a lot by studying ancient generals, sales gurus or even Steve Jobs, but you’ve got to remember that Attila the Hun never had to deploy SAP.

The Geek Leader’s Handbook recognizes and respects the unique challenges that technical leaders face. It provides both practical advice and a framework rooted in the understanding that:

  • Geeks are different
  • Geeks would rather lead technology than people, but only people can be led
  • Geeks have a hard time working with non-geeks, but those who learn to do it well become great leaders

The book also takes an unflinching look at what makes geeks different from other folks. To uncover those differences, Maria and I collaborated as geek and non-geek. By synthesizing both perspectives, we found surprising and liberating insights that will help geeks become great leaders.


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