Stop Juggling Your IT Support

Stephen Morris / Veta via GettyImages

Stephen Morris / Veta via GettyImages

By Stacey Watkins

You’ve got a lot to juggle: managing all those systems (not to mention the teams that manage those systems), keeping everything up and running and justifying your solution spend to upper management. You’re juggling a lot, and we get it.

In honor of World Juggling Day, our message is clear:  GoToAssist eliminates IT support juggling. The GoToAssist suite of solutions makes conversations like these non-existent:

“We need to provide remote IT support!”
“OK, our current tool can handle that.”
“Yeah, but not from a mobile device.”
“Oh. You’re right.”
“We need our remote support solution and our help tickets to talk to one another.”
“We really need a self-service help system for our customers so we can close out issues faster and with fewer resources.”
“Our current systems don’t even do what we need them to do!”

Part of why we love what we do here at Citrix is that we get to see how our products really do help people work better and live better. When it happens for IT professionals with GoToAssist, it’s like a collective exhale because everything’s in sync. It sounds like this:

“GoToAssist Service Desk can benefit any business providing a service, not just IT support teams. From change management to customer service, this tool offers a wide range of capabilities with real value.” – Kourtney Barrett, founder, JUNK Brands

“We replaced three separate products with GoToAssist Remote Support, Service Desk and Monitoring. The integration makes it more efficient to move from one area of functionality to another, speeding up our processes.” Trevor Benson, president, A1 Networks

“Our technicians used to spend too much time on issues because documentation was missing or incorrect. GoToAssist Service Desk centralizes all details, helping us track, manage and learn from support incidents.” – David Korn, president, Dacom

Feel like continuing the conversation about juggling or GoToAssist or both? Let us know on Twitter @gotoassist. Oh! And here’s a pretty cool TEDTalk if you want more on just juggling: “Juggling as art … and science.”


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