The Move Is On: New GoToAssist Corporate Updates

Adam Gault / OJO Images via GettyImages

Adam Gault / OJO Images via GettyImages

By Matthew Warne

We are rolling out GoToAssist Corporate version 11.1 to users over the next couple of months, so we want to share some of the exciting enhancements and changes. Version 11.1 is the culmination of a series of significant and useful enhancements designed to make the support experience more efficient for you and your customer. Here are some of the key features that you can look forward to upon upgrading.

New, simplified customer connection flow

–       Starting with version 11.0, your Windows and Mac customers will enjoy a more consistent and reliable experience when joining a GoToAssist Corporate session. GoToAssist Corporate now uses the purpose-built Citrix Launcher Service to deploy the GoToAssist download on the customer’s computer without the use of Java. Customers are provided a clear set of instructions for how to install, and no more Java means fewer security issues and installation hassles across browsers and platforms.

New remote session join options for Phone Mode customers:

–       While talking to your customer on the phone, direct him or her to the new support portal, which prevents customers from having to type in a complicated URL just to get into session.

–       The new standalone GoToAssist application provides another easy option for getting into session. Great for helpdesks and other “repeat customer” scenarios, the GoToAssist application can be placed on the customer desktop. To get into session, your customer starts the app and enters the code you provide over the phone. No browser and no download needed at session start.

Mac support improvements

–       File transfer is now available for Mac.

–       In-session performance has been improved, and there is now a setting in HelpAlert to help with low-bandwidth connections.

Thumbnail preview of customer screen in the representative’s chat window

–       Back by popular demand – during screen-sharing sessions, representatives have a thumbnail view of the customer’s screen within their chat window.

Full remote control of Samsung Android devices

–       Don’t forget – we recently updated our Android support to include the newest versions of Android up through version 4.4. Need to help a customer with an issue on a Samsung Android device? Direct them to the Google Play store to download the GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) app and get connected.

Be sure to visit the What’s New section of the GoToAssist Corporate support site and the GoToAssist Corporate Release Notes to get complete details on these and all the other great updates.


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