The Internet of Everything: Opportunities for IT

By Caerley Hill

The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be the topic on everybody’s lips these days. And if you work in IT, it’s an essential concept to know and embrace because it is at the core of connectivity, collaboration and convenience.

We recently explored the IoT in a fascinating webinar hosted by Peter High, the president of Metis Strategy and columnist of Technovation for Forbes. In the webinar, we delved into what the Internet of Things is, why it’s relevant to IT managers and how to implement the innovations it can lead to.

Yagi Studio / Digital Vision via GettyImages

Yagi Studio / Digital Vision via GettyImages

I say fascinating because Mr. High’s topic is applicable to almost anything you can think of. Simply put, the Internet of Things is all around us. It’s our computing, our vehicles, our buildings, our goods, our services, our appliances. It’s you and it’s me. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are connecting daily to the IoT, using devices to source information and communicate. According to High, approximately 25 billion devices will be connected by 2015 and generate 4.6 trillion in value over the next decade.

So how can mighty IT managers harness the opportunities found in the IoT? “Your customers are living this and expecting it in all that they do,” notes High. In fact, High suggests that IT managers are at the forefront of a significant opportunity to harness the opportunities that the IoT presents.

Peter High

Peter High

Organizations that are collecting data are learning so much more about users, and those learnings make for money-saving data insights and improved customer experiences. IT managers and CIOs are poised to calibrate that data and find the patterns that lead to solutions or innovations.

High advocates that IT managers begin setting up a pipeline of opportunities based on the Internet of Things. To start, take your business’s top 3 products or core processes and think about how the Internet of Things might help. Ask yourself how the incoming data you’re tracking might lead to critical insights.

Interested in learning more about the Internet of Things? You can watch the webinar recording for more examples and strategies from Peter High, one of the IT industry’s top thought leaders.

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