Meet Your GoToAssist Pros: Dan Lee and Stephen Smith

nametag1By Caerley Hill

Today, we’d like to introduce you to a couple of the mighty IT pros who work behind the scenes at GoToAssist. These guys are the eyes, ears and algorithms behind the software that makes seamless remote support a reality.

So without further ado, say hello to Stephen Smith, senior manager of technical product marketing and Dan Lee, senior director of emerging products in IT services here at GoToAssist.

Two separate IT journeys, one awesome destination

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Originally from Birmingham, UK, Stephen started out in hardware — you know, when you actually had to fix things — and has been helping to evolve GoToAssist for the past 10 years.

He joined Citrix as an assistant engineer before turning his focus solely on GoToAssist, where he finds conversations with customers particularly interesting. In particular, Stephen enjoys talking to the IT buyers in the field and gaining the valuable insights needed to keep innovating the GoToAssist features and functionality.

Dan Lee

Dan Lee

While Dan hasn’t been with Citrix quite as long as Stephen, he came on board with quite an impressive amount of experience! He’s been in tech for the past 18 years — he still remembers his Commodore 64 fondly — and is one of those self-taught programmers who savors the challenge in finding a solution.

He’s also the founder of Beetil, the small New Zealand startup acquired by Citrix in 2012 that you now know as GoToAssist Service Desk.

What is it about GoToAssist that keeps them excited about the product?

“While remote support is a really great tool,” notes Stephen, “I’m excited about moving into a more holistic, customer-centric experience.” What does that mean? Basically, he’s just really excited to see how people will start using GoToAssist outside of the typical IT market and start providing support to just about anyone who needs help.

For Dan, it’s the continuous way that GoToAssist is evolving to make people more productive with new offerings like See It, which allows customers to share the cameras on their mobile devices to show remote technicians what they need.

“What might seem like little updates go a long way for our customers,” says Dan. “By giving more productive support to customers in the field, we can save them up to two minutes per interaction, and that one interaction just saved them $20,000.”

Advice for graduates looking to become mighty IT pros

According to Stephen, being flexible is essential for anyone looking to work in IT. “First and foremost be prepared for things to change,” he says. “Because we’re working in such fast-paced environments, it’s best to be open minded and willing to adapt in order to stay ahead of the tech.”

And even if one area of tech is your focus, Stephen advises to keep your view of the market broad so you can leverage that knowledge throughout your career.

Dan suggests showing prospective employers that you have a real passion for the industry. “If you take the initiative to proactively showcase your interest, you will get noticed,” he says.

What a company like Citrix is really looking for in prospective IT talent

Both Dan and Stephen agree: when it comes to sourcing great talent they tend to look at a few distinct technical areas. Potential candidates should have experience in:

  1. App development (bonus points if it’s mobile!)
  2. Java script or node-focused efforts
  3. Big data and the ability to interpret that data

These days, IT is the front line for businesses. And now more than ever, you need to have a customer-focused model. We’re thankful to have both Dan and Stephen leading the way on GoToAssist’s charge to be an industry-leading innovator.

Want to learn more about how GoToAssist can help your business become an IT ace? Try it free for 30 days.

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