GoToAssist Named Top Remote Support Service for the Sixth Year in a Row

By Lilly Hanscom

For the sixth year in a row, analyst firm IDC named GotoAssist the global remote support market share leader.

IDC’s report, “Worldwide Clientless Remote Support Software 2013 Vendor Shares,” shows the remote support market grew 35 percent in the last year, with GoToAssist maintaining a share of more than 30 percent, a number well ahead of competing vendors.

After six years of GoToAssist claiming the No. 1 spot, IDC pointed to our continued innovation and simple team-based approach to support as key reasons behind our competitive edge.

Andrew Rich / Vetta via GettyImages

Andrew Rich / Vetta via GettyImages

“The secret to GoToAssist’s continued success is its ease of use. It’s a utility that makes remote assistance simple and helps deliver a quick resolution to many IT challenges.” Said Rob Brothers, program director for IDC software and hardware support services.

He added, “That said, the product’s portfolio has continued to bring new and innovative features to market that address the changing nature of support, from live video streaming with SeeIT to end-to-end mobile device support. GoToAssist is a staple of IT teams and continues to improve and stay ahead.”

The IDC report also indicates that the need for remote support within both small and large businesses is greater than it ever has been. In particular, mobile device proliferation, which has expanded into all corners of the business world, is dramatically changing how people and teams work.

We know we wouldn’t be a top-ranking service if it weren’t for the loyalty of our customers, as well as the crucial feedback we get from you on how to best meet the market needs today and tomorrow. We’re changing the world of support, and we look forward to bringing new innovations to our customers through the rest of 2014.

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