Could Your Fantasy Sports Knowledge Help You Build a Better Team of IT Pros?

By Caitlin Russell

Managing IT pros takes a special blend of expertise, smarts and skills. But when it comes to leading IT pros, you don’t have to look far for inspiration. You can always lead your team to better efficiency and morale — no matter the season.

The strategies you use to make your fantasy roster unbeatable can help you build a strong, faster and more cohesive team at work. We’re put together a list of lessons you can learn from your fantasy league this season.

It’s all about the numbers, baby. When getting ready for your fantasy draft, do you go in blind, or do you research stats for each player? If you want to win, you probably track your numbers. The same should apply at work. You need metrics on your key players to identify strengths and hopefully avoid any major problems.tech2

The hottest running back isn’t enough. You may draft the top players, but that doesn’t mean your team will win. Your all-star could get hurt in the first game, and then where would you be? So remember: You might recruit the best engineer out there, but you also might lose him. You need a backup plan.techteam1

Flashy scorers don’t win leagues. Just like you need a backup plan for your best player getting hurt, you need well-rounded players to win leagues. Adrian Peterson might be the best running back around, but he was at home with the rest of his team in the postseason. Similarly, well-rounded employees are better for your team over time than specialists.

You need to tinker with your lineup occasionally. You may have a great draft, but a lot can change over the course of a season. And at the office, you should remember that an employee who was happy six months ago might not be so now. Check in with your team and identify problems before they derail your season.

Building your fantasy team — and your team of IT pros — takes a lot of work. But with the right strategies, you can make sure both have a winning season. Read our free eBook to see more fantasy-league lessons you can put to work.

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