What a City Hall IT Sage Wishes He Had Known

By Stacey Watkins

We may not be able to fight city hall, but we can go there!

And go there we did.

In this installment of “What I Wish I Had Known,” we headed downtown to the Los Angeles City Hall building to data-mine the mind of Steve Reneker, general manager and CTO for the city’s Information Technology Agency.

Steve draws upon a wealth of experience, having served as a business development manager at Dell and as CIO of Riverside, California, in addition to his current role with the City of Los Angeles.

In case you’re still questioning Steve’s wisdom, program this: He climbed Mount Everest!

We can only imagine the wise, sage-like advice for IT professionals he contemplated during his Everest ascent.

Well, maybe that and how to maintain proper oxygen levels at ridiculously high altitudes.

From Mount Everest to city hall, when Steve Reneker speaks, people listen.

Here are a few things you can learn from Steve in this short video:

  • The pros and cons of staying with a company long-term
  • How a tech background benefits management
  • What to know before moving into a managerial role

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