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Projecting the ROI of GoToAssist: How Much Would You Save?

When deciding to invest in a new tool, many companies will turn to an ROI analysis to tell them if the idea is sound or a waste of money. After all, they can’t possibly fund every single idea that comes their way.

With this in mind, we decided to project the ROI of GoToAssist for a hypothetical company, Global Software, to see if the investment would make sense. The amount we estimated the company would save or lose by implementing Service Desk and Remote Support might surprise you.

The four steps of an ROI analysis

An ROI analysis usually has four main components:Untitled design (30)

  1. Forecast the benefits of the service.
  2. Project the associated costs.
  3. Map those costs and benefits over a period of time.
  4. Calculate the financial metrics that take all of this into account.


Let’s say Global Software’s CIO, Kim Brown, choses to look at conservative, likely and optimistic scenarios for implementing GoToAssist to get a range of best and worst cases for how things would go.

What would the results be?

GoToAssist’s benefits in action 

In our hypothetical test, Kim determines that GoToAssist would help customers find answers on their own more often, freeing up her support employees to handle more calls. GoToAssist would also reduce the handle time per incident, since it allows technicians to assess incoming requests and leverage insights from previous issues.

Even better for Global Software, Kim’s technicians would be able to remotely access any device for service, so travel costs plummet. All of these things together would also improve customer retention, because faster, better support results in happier customers.

Because of these benefits, Kim estimates that her company could save anywhere from around $500,000 to more than $1 million over five years. One million dollars.

Don’t believe it? Check out the full brief, “Projecting the ROI of GoToAssist,” to see all of the calculations and ways GoToAssist could help your own company save a ton in only a few years’ time.

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