Northshore Tax Consulting Bridges the Geography Gap Online with GoToAssist

Evan Engell, President

Evan Engell, President

By Nilas Edlinger

Remember the days when stores had to take on high costs in terms of space, rent and staff to grow? Then came the Internet, making shopping more efficient and creating new entrepreneurs every day.

But what about other kinds of businesses? Sure, you can get all kinds of things on the Internet, but did you know that now more and more services are online, too? GoToAssist client Northshore Tax Consulting Limited offers one such service in the previously brick-and-mortar-based accounting industry.

Northshore’s president, Evan Engell, says his clientele was once limited to small businesses located within a one-hour radius of his office in the small town of Port Rowan, Ontario. Any prospective customers beyond that area were just too time consuming and expensive to support.

Previously, Engell had used GoToAssist to access his office computer from home, but then he had an epiphany: what if he could work on clients’ computers from the office, too? Ready to try remote support with clients, Engell did his homework and tested a few remote access tools. He decided to stick with GoToAssist Remote Support because it was simply the easiest option for his clients to set up and use in their own offices.

With the software in place, Northshore launched a remote bookkeeping service, allowing clients to share access to their computers with Northshore’s bookkeepers. And with GoToAssist, Northshore’s bookkeepers can even work on client files outside of regular business hours, so they don’t interrupt their clients’ normal workday.logo

Clients love the convenience of having their accounting files updated without any effort on their part, and Engell and his team can now support clients all over Canada and the U.S.

As in the case of e-commerce, what’s good for the firm is good for clients: Northshore saves money and serves more small businesses by reducing travel to client offices, and these cost savings are passed along to clients in lower fees. Remote bookkeeping has already brought in 20 new clients for the Northshore team of five employees.

Read more of Northshore’s story in this case study.

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