Great Gear for Geeks on the Go

By Caerley Hill

That awkward moment when you realize your flip phone looks goofier than your buddy who’s calling his wife on his wristwatch. No, this didn’t happen to me, but it’s going to, and soon. While a lot of today’s wearable tech is only as smart as the device it’s plugged into, we’re swiftly making progress towards this very scenario.

Of course, the concept of wearable technology certainly isn’t new, but it is in the burgeoning phase of becoming awesome. So to keep you connected to what’s here and what’s coming, we’ve put together a list of the coolest wearable geek gear we’ve seen so far:

Wristbands to watch

Pebble Steel – Dubbed “the first smartwatch you’ll actually want to wear,” Pebble Steel looks like the perfect combination of Bond and brain. In a nutshell, Pebble puts apps and notifications on your wrist, making it pretty “handy” in meetings when you can’t pull out your phone.

Jawbone Up 24 – Have you ever wondered how much you toss and turn at night? Or wished for the motivation to work out regularly? You’ll get that and more with the Jawbone’s Up 24, the wristband that takes a holistic approach to keeping you on track and connected to your world.


Glasses worth keeping your eye on

Google Glass – Even though the product is a household name, Google Glass still lives up to the hype. It’s voice- and touch-controlled, which allows users to see and receive information from a translucent display. The price tag is still a little steep to make it accessible to anyone, but how cool is it going to be when your vision insurance starts covering these?

Meta Pro – Ever wanted to be Tony Stark? While these holographic goggles don’t come with an arc reactor, they do deliver augmented reality and a true 3D experience. With 15 times the screen area as Google Glass and the ability to mirror your devices, it’s as close to a superhero utility belt as we can get right now.

Jewelry that’ll make you say “I do”

ThumbTrack – This nifty little ring doubles as an ergonomic touch-ring mouse. While this doesn’t boast the bells and whistles of a smartwatch, it will save you from carpal tunnel syndrome. Instead of dealing with wrist strain, the user carries out all mouse functionality using their thumb and forefinger.

Ringly – At the corner of high tech and high end, you’ll find me watching my rainbow moonstone ring for real-time updates. Crafted with gold and precious stones, this cocktail ring connects to your phone and notifies you about whatever matters most. It’s the perfect accessory for the geek girl on the go.

Tech to make you stand at attention

Lumo Back – With all the things we have to remember in our day-to-day lives, it seems that our posture get the least attention. Worn around your lower back and core, the Lumo Back measures more than minute metrics; it vibrates to remind you to sit or stand up straight. Got lower back pain? There’s literally an app for that now.

Wearable tech, like cloud computing, is blazing new ways for us to collaborate and connect freely from anywhere. Before you know it, we’re all going to be running our lives from our wrist while riding our hoverboards to work. What wearable tech are you most excited for?

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