What Citrix Looks for in an IT Pro

By Caitlin Russell

We spend a lot of time talking IT around here, covering the ins and outs of what it means and what it takes to provide great customer service in an ever-changing industry. But now it’s time to turn that lens around and take a look at ourselves. Here’s what we at Citrix look for in an IT pro.

Resumes aren’t just what you did; they should be why you did it.

To get a job in IT at Citrix, you have to first impress our recruiters. Jim Crocker, program director in IT recruiting for Citrix, says that a laundry list of items isn’t going to get you very far.

“If you say that you were responsible for upgrading a specific application or OS, I want to know that you understand why you did that — not just how to do it,” says Crocker. “A lot of people can put bullet points like ‘I upgraded this’ or ‘I monitored this,’ but the best candidates give us some detail about why they were doing those things and why it benefitted the company.”

And while certifications and degrees are nice, they aren’t imperative to get a certain position; sometimes it’s all about your personality and fit for the role.

We only accept customer-service-minded team players. Period. 

Some candidates may have all of the right qualifications and experience needed for the job, but both Crocker and Kenya Potter, a hiring manager on the IT service delivery team at Citrix, agree that personality is the top-selling quality for a Citrix IT pro.

“I cannot stress how important it is to have a customer-service mentality on this team,” explained Potter. “This isn’t a job where you can fix something and walk away; you have to greet people, work with them and explain the problem on their level. You can’t just be a technical person working behind the scenes, because you’re going to be interacting with all kinds of people.”

Collaboration is key for an IT pro at Citrix, so if you’re looking for a job to just do what you have to do every day and then go home, this might not be the place for you. Since launching our work-from-anywhere mission, IT pros have the added challenge of helping a dispersed team use technology to work together effectively. And it isn’t just about giving them those tools; it’s being a team player that understands why the business needs them.

Top tip: study up on the latest technologies and understand how they’ll help Citrix.

As a leader in technology, Citrix offers IT candidates the opportunity to work with some cutting-edge products and tools. But because “cutting-edge” also means “constantly changing,” being an IT pro at Citrix isn’t a job where you can just get by with doing the same old things. Crocker says you must be willing to do your own research and keep up with industry trends to know which new things will help Citrix grow as a business.

“Working in IT at Citrix requires someone who is focused on a career opposed to the next job,” says Crocker. “And that means being ahead of the game with technology. An IT pro has to keep up as much as possible with where technology is headed and be prepared for the next big thing that could help our company grow.”

Do you recruit or hire in IT and think we missed something? What’s the No. 1 thing your company looks for in an IT pro?

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