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Utility Belt for IT That Helps You Be Super

What’s in the IT Hero’s Utility Belt?
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When you work in IT, your daily routine is anything but mundane. This morning you were troubleshooting with the marketing team to get their fancy animated presentation running, and in the afternoon you’re called to your boss’s side to aid in a VPN emergency. You know how it is: When the distress call goes out, it’s time to suit up!

Whether you’re tracking down a lost password or managing the entire Eastern Seaboard’s servers, you could be running from one support call to the next solving problems at super speeds. It’s just all in a day’s work for you. But like any protagonist out there, you may need a little extra help from time to time.

Think about it: Many superheroes have cool techy gadgets that always seem to save the day. (Though, I will never understand why Bond villains sat in the front ejector seat every time.) So we asked our IT pros here at GoToAssist what they keep in their utility belts to keep them mighty, and here are their answers.

  1. Network Cable Tester – Whether you’re trying to set up a new workstation with a new cable or just troubleshoot an existing network issue, having a basic network cable tester is key in providing the support that is needed.
  2. iPad or tablet – When you’re on the go, you rarely have time to swing by your desk. Having a tablet allows you to stay on top of your GoToAssist Service Desk tickets in the field, meet with co-workers face to face on the fly and manage your email in real time. You can also take pictures if you need to call in an IT sidekick to collaborate and save the day!
  3. Multi-tool – We’re taking things analog with this multipronged support tool! But before you roll your eyes, remember that this kind of pocket knife gives you access to many gadgets in one. Maybe you need a Phillips head screwdriver to take the back off a device, scissors for a ribbon-cutting ceremony or even a corkscrew for “other” office emergencies. This compact convenience is a lifesaver for IT pros in the field.
  4. Victorinox Cybertool – If a regular multi-tool is just too old school for you, then upgrade to this nifty little gadget and make all your buddies jealous in the process. As one of our mighty IT pros said, “This thing is better than any superhero sidekick!” With 34 miniaturized tools for you to choose from, there’s bound to be something tucked away that you can use to troubleshoot. It even has an integrated LED flashlight to give your vision a boost when dealing with dark, cramped spaces.
  5. Fitbit – You’re running all day, so you might as well log that data to get a baseline of your own physical wellbeing, right? While this little bracelet might not be something that will save your bacon in an IT emergency, it could help save your life by encouraging you to exercise more. You can even show how much you’ve walked between support calls to make the case for additional team members!
  6. Malwarebytes – When superheroes need help locating and eradicating a villain, who do they call? Their super buddies! When mighty IT pros need help detecting malware and other nasty viruses, they use this software. In its tenure, Malwarebytes has removed over 5 billion pieces of malware and counting. Why is it so great? Because it’s designed and coded by guys like us who have had to deal with nasty computer infections.
  7. GoToAssist Remote Support – We obviously saved the best for last here with this super-charged solution that empowers IT pros. With it, you can save the day by delivering live and unattended support. It’s got session reporting, remote diagnostics, annotation tools, reboot/reconnect capabilities and you can even support everyone from your mobile device support while on the go.  It’ll make you look superhuman at your job!

What about you? What systems and gadgets do you have in your IT tool belt to keep you flying around the office solving problems? Let us know @GoToAssist. Or if you’d like to see just how super GoToAssist Remote Support is, sign up for a 7-day free trial today!

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