Death to Scrolling

GoToAssist Service Desk is changing a fundamental way users interact with the application – how you save records.

We’ve been collecting your feedback for a while now, and a common usability gripe has emerged: scrolling down to the bottom of the page is a real pain if you’re updating something that has had a lengthy discussion going on within it.

With this feedback in mind, the team has come up with a nice solution that allows users to quickly change the key attributes such as the assignee, status, watchlist, as well perform actions such as notify the watchlist, the customer, and save. No matter how long the page is, or where you scroll on the page, the bar across the bottom will remain fixed in place.

g2a_1This intends to resolve a lot of the usability issues when you just want to jump in, change something, and then move on to something else.

Changing the Assignee

This has changed to look nicer, now when you want to change the assignee you can quickly choose from the list, or quickly search for other users.

g2a_assigneeChanging the Status

Need to quickly change the status? No worries, we’ve made this nicer as well. Simply choose your status from the list, and you can quickly resolve and close incidents from here as well!

g2a_statusManaging the Watchlist

Not much has changed here, managing the watchlist is the same as it was before. You can quickly search for users to add, and select groups to send one-off notifications to.

How does this apply to Problems and Knowledge Articles?

Everything here is pretty much the same as it is with Incidents, however when identifying the workaround for a problem, users can now switch the status to “Has Workaround” in the much the same way as resolving an incident.

For Knowledge Articles, this is same except you’re switching between the Draft and Published states.

How does this apply to Changes and Releases?

Only the ability to change the assignee, watchlist and save is applied here. We have however, made some cosmetic changes to the way approvals are presented and simplified it a little, as there’s no longer a need to always scroll to the bottom of the page.

g2a_changesWe hope these changes save you from having to scroll to the bottom of horribly long pages and help make you and your colleagues more efficient. If you spot any issues with this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our awesome 24/7 support team at

2 thoughts on “Death to Scrolling

    • Hi Brenden–Thanks for asking! The feature is being tested now and will go live in the next couple of weeks. You’ll get an in-app announcement once it’s live.

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