How Software Troubles Almost Stole Christmas

The alarms on Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” app were ring ting tingle-ing, and Santa couldn’t find the problem even after checking twice.

The modern version of his famous list was supposed to organize names and provide more details through new software, but Santa was stuck. If he didn’t solve the issue soon, there wasn’t going to be a merry Christmas this year.

It was time to call in the cavalry. Santa contacted the Elf HelpDesk, and they quickly identified the problem as user error. They escalated the issue to the software training group, created the incident in Service Desk and quickly assigned it to a training coordinator.

Within a few minutes, Santa received a phone call on his smartphone from the training coordinator to assist him with the software. As Santa explained his confusion, the coordinator realized that it would be easier to walk through the steps directly on Santa’s computer.

The coordinator initiated a Remote Support session and told Santa to go to to enter in the 9-digit code. As soon as they connected, the coordinator quickly showed Santa how to use the new software. He also gave Santa some pointers on additional analytics that it can do.

Now Santa was up and running and with more tools in his pocket than before. It’s never been easier for him to find out who’s been naughty and nice. So you better watch out, because there’s a high-tech Santa coming to town.

Read more about Santa’s story on the GoToMeeting and the GoToMyPC blogs.

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