All Sleigh Systems Are (Almost) Go


The time is near for Santa and his reindeer to bring cheer to children around the world. In the hope of a smooth delivery day, he’s already checked the list (twice). The sleigh is full and the weather is perfect with snowflakes all about.

He inspects the reins and examines the sleigh blades — all is good. He calls mission control, and they go through each system check. Of course, that’s when Santa’s luck runs out. They find just one minor glitch: The tracker for the sleigh isn’t working. The tracker is what allows all the kids to track his whereabouts as he drops the toys off.

He had checked the batteries on the sleigh’s GPS already, and they were fine. From what mission control is telling him, the fault appears to be with the service running on the server. It isn’t starting.

So he grabs his tablet and uses the unattended access feature of GoToAssist Remote Support to connect to the server. He quickly restarts the service, and instantly the red light on the sleigh’s GPS comes on. He’s good to go.

With the tracker back online, you can now follow Santa on Google or NORAD to see how close he is to you. So here comes Santa Claus with bells a-ringin’ and children a-singin’ — all is merry and bright.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

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