5 Things IT Pros Have in Common with Cupid

By Katelyn de Diego

Who is the best  matchmaker?

Who is the best matchmaker?

Valentine’s Day ‒ that syrupy, red and pink holiday you either love or hate. You didn’t forget, did you?

Well, no matter your opinion on this romance-devoted holiday, we have some news for you IT guys and gals out there: you’ve got more in common with Cupid than you might think.

You heard correctly. You and the arrow-toting cherub have got surprisingly matching skill sets. Don’t believe us? Then, grab a few chocolate hearts and ruminate on these 5 things IT guys and gals have in common with Cupid, the master of romance:

Yes, they love their smartphones and you!  (Photo courtesy of KiSS_Ze_CHeF on Flickr)

Yes, they love their smartphones and you! Photo courtesy of KiSS_Ze_CHeF on Flickr

5. You’re matchmakers! Cupid sticks to pairing people in romantic love, but your matchmaking skills are also apparent. You’re responsible for the technological happiness of creative designers, savvy and not-so-savvy CEOs, analytical business managers, and everyone in between. That’s a lot of work, and only a technology matchmaker like you could find suitable programs and hardware for such an array of professionals. Cupid is impressed.

4. You both keep it casual. At any given point in the day, you may need to climb under a desk to troubleshoot a connection, which means ties and pencil skirts aren’t necessary for the job. So you IT pros might stick to trousers and t-shirts, but Cupid takes this casual clothing philosophy one step further. The guy doesn’t just say no to ties; he left his pants and shirt at home too, opting for the ever-comfortable yet office-inappropriate diaper. We recommend letting Cupid own this look exclusively.

3. You’ve both got a savvy toolset to help you get your job done quickly. Cupid’s arrows and wings may make for an old school toolset, but they work for him, giving him the ability to play matchmaker with anyone, anywhere. You too enjoy the freedom of assisting anyone, anytime, anywhere, and the tools you use to deliver remarkable support experiences are right at your fingertips via your PC, Mac, iPad or Android devices.

Photo courtesy of Butterflysha on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Butterflysha on Flickr

2. Both you and Cupid are selfless humanitarians. Yes, it’s true. Your jobs improve the lives of the people you work with, make their days easier, the smiles brighter, and their stress lighter. At the end of the day, both you and Cupid have served the needs of your employee base.

1. You both flap around in the cloud. While Cupid commutes to the sky and starts strategizing who to pair up next, you’ve never left home and are using the cloud to monitoring your servers, remotely accessing employee’s computers, and managing your service desk with Citrix GoToAssist. You win.

So, IT pros, while you’re working today and accessing computers with vases of red roses set next to them, keep in mind that you and Cupid have a lot in common. And if this makes you enjoy Valentine’s Day more, we’ve done our job. If not, feel free to munch on a handful of chocolate kisses.

Be your own best IT matchmaker, and start a free 30-day trial of GoToAssist today. We think you’ll love it.

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