Spring Forward: GoToAssist Corporate Update Highlights

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We are rolling out GoToAssist Corporate Version 11.3 to users over the next couple of months, and there are lots of new changes to help you serve your customers faster and more efficiently. Version 11.3 is the culmination of a series of significant and useful enhancements. Here are just some of the key features that you can look forward to using.

Popular alternatives for joining sessions with phone codes
We are making it easier to join support sessions with two new customer-centric features:

  • Use the simplified me page anytime to avoid having the customer type in a complicated URL just to get into session.
  • Download the standalone GoToAssist Corporate Customer application for Mac and Windows. Great for helpdesks or “repeat customer” scenarios, this application can be run by any user — even those without local administrative privileges. To get into session, simply start the application and enter the code. There’s no browser involved and no download at session start. Once your GoToAssist account has been upgraded to Version 11.3, you can get this application from the Management Center.

Sometimes, it’s the little things…
We have also provided two new features for the HelpAlert application:

  • A long-standing feature request has been for representatives to hear a sound to alert them of an incoming chat. This will now be an available option for representatives within the HelpAlert preferences. Company managers can also enable this feature for customers to hear a sound upon receiving a reply (per portal). Learn more in the Change Portal Settings section of the Management Center Guide.
  • Inactive reps can now be logged off after a specific time period. This helps keep representative stats accurate in reports, whether or not someone forgets to log off at the end of the day. Details are in the Change Representative Settings for a Team section in the Management Center Guide.

Don’t forget: full remote control of Samsung and LG Android devices

We’re listening to your feedback
Many of you may have noticed that you are being periodically prompted to fill out a survey when you log in to the Management Center. We want your feedback, and we are committed to making improvements that make a difference. If you are offered a chance to take the survey, please do. We want to hear from you!

Coming soon
Be on the lookout for the new Notifications Area in the Management Center. We will use this area to communicate important announcements and product information, such as maintenance notices and details about our current and future releases.

For complete information on this release and all our latest updates, visit the What’s New page and review the GoToAssist Corporate Release Notes.

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