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Support Pains: Connecting to the Customer’s Computer

Remote support technology has transformed the way customer service and IT managers do their jobs. It’s no longer an added feature to support end-users, it’s an absolute necessity. Since its creation, remote desktop software has empowered customer service and IT managers to reduce service times through the ability to control the end user’s screen rather than walking them through a painful process.

But while it’s true remote support has resolved millions of headaches, it has also had its fair share of annoyances. You may even have first-hand experience with one of these fabled remote desktop connection frustrations.

Remote Support Pains

One major inconvenience comes when you first need to take control of the customer’s computer to troubleshoot the problem. You know exactly how to establish the connection—you could do it in your sleep—but the end user doesn’t. This is where the headache starts. You now need to walk the user step by step through the installation of the remote desktop software before you can begin diagnosing the problem they contacted you for.

Your directions are clear and concise; after all, you are the expert. However, the user is not quite up to speed with software setup, or even computers for that matter. On top of that, this process takes time, which can add frustration on both ends. The end result is lost productivity time for both parties and lost sanity for you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. GoToAssist Remote Support is a non-intrusive, cloud-based platform that can send a simple link for end users to click on (for two-way screen sharing and control of the remote system) instead of going through step-by-step support instructions.

From that link, you can quickly gain access and troubleshoot the issue. In addition, GoToAssist Remote Support offers features ranging from shared access to session transfers and session recordings. GoToAssist Remote Support can help solve more problems in less time, support clients when they are away from their computers, transfer files and folders and much more.

GoToAssist eliminates headaches on both ends with easy-to-use and efficient remote desktop software. For instance, GoToAssist has increased productivity and efficiency by 70% and increased customer satisfaction by 70% among users. Learn more about how you can enhance your support process with GoToAssist

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