Support your customers whenever, wherever.

Citrix Concierge lets customers connect instantly with an expert from a mobile app, significantly reducing call-handling times and improving customer satisfaction.

Concierge Blog ImageDon’t lose a customer just because they need help. Provide instant support by connecting them to a support rep with just one click.

Key benefits

  •         Improve satisfaction for mobile app users
  •         Reduce average wait times and support call length
  •         Increase expert productivity in mobile app support
  •         Differentiate your service from competitors

Built-in audio, video or chat capability lets you and your customers communicate clearly. On request, your customer can also share his or her mobile app screen or device camera for you to follow along. Concierge shows you each touch the customer makes on the screen, so any misunderstanding is quickly captured. You can then guide your customer by drawing and highlighting directly on the app.

Citrix Concierge empowers organizations to elevate their customer service and support. Through a simple SDK, embed the support experience right within your app, so customers can securely communicate, interact and share their screens in real time.

Provide a solution from where the customer is at, at the time they need it. With Citrix Concierge, your customers will have instant access to the solutions they need.

“Providing more engaged training for our users and potentially decreasing their time to resolve support concerns while also increasing insights for our team are, in our view, major advantages of Concierge.”

Daniel Cane

CEO, Modernizing Medicine

To learn more, call us at 1 855 263 2838 or visit

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