GoToAssist Seeit Is Built for Business

GoToAssist Seeit is out of beta — and with photo management, annotations and other new, built-for-business features and functionality — it’s ready for prime time.G2A Seeit Core Image iOS  Manufacturing_Use for BlogYes, we’re excited, but before we share the details on what’s new, let’s quickly recap why GoToAssist Seeit is a must-have support tool for every IT, field service and customer service professional.

  1. Sure, remote support to the desktop or mobile device is awesome, but how often do you need to help someone with physical objects like hardware or machinery? That’s where GoToAssist Seeit comes to the rescue, giving you a view of your customers’ problems through live camera streaming from their iPhone or Android device. The result? Quicker problem resolution, less travel and higher customer satisfaction.
  2. GoToAssist Seeit isn’t like the consumer tools you might use to stream video — it’s a business-grade support tool that can connect you with your customers on either an iPhone or Android device. It’s designed to deliver the best customer support experience.

That’s right! GoToAssist Seeit is built for business. Here’s how it can help:

  • NEW! Snapshots: Take high-resolution photos during the support session for a record of the issue.
  • NEW! Photo management: See a thumbnail gallery of all photos taken during the session.
  • NEW! Annotation: Illustrate your point by placing arrows on the paused video or on snapshots.
  • NEW! API availability: Integrate GoToAssist Seeit seamlessly into your existing tools to quickly launch support sessions.
  • Camera streaming: View through your customer’s iPhone or Android camera to see the issue clearly.
  • Audio: Communicate with customers through built-in audio to guide the inspection or repair.
  • Secure web portal: Log in from any device and launch a live video support session in seconds.
  • Customer mobile app: Let your customers quickly connect with the free GoToAssist Seeit app for iPhone and Android.

Start using GoToAssist Seeit today and take your support to the next level. To learn more, call us at 1 855 263 2838 or simply sign up for a free 30-day trial at

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