Great Service for Great Apps: Introducing Citrix Concierge

Mobile is not just a growing trend — it’s the way we do business now. Since we know our customers are using mobile devices and, more importantly, mobile apps, we need to make sure we’re able to assist and support them where they are, when they need it.

This is why we’ve introduced Citrix Concierge, enabling you to provide real-time, in-app customer service. Citrix Concierge lets customers connect instantly with an expert directly from a mobile app through live video, audio or chat to significantly reduce call-handling times and improve customer satisfaction.

In looking at the growth of mobile, according to TechCrunch, app usage grew 76 percent in 2014. In addition, 68 percent of time spent on target mobile properties was in app versus on the web, up from 21% in 2013.

A recent report from Pew Research shows the same progress. “Today, people increasingly are accessing online services and information throughout the day, whenever and wherever they happen to be — and smartphones are often the primary vehicle for this “on the go” access,” said Aaron Smith, associate director of research.

Citrix Concierge empowers organizations to elevate their customer service and support to the next level. Through a simple SDK, you can embed the support experience right within your app, so customers can securely communicate, interact and share their screens in real time. With Concierge, you can provide remarkably superior service that’s both seamless and more personal.

The value of such support extends to enterprise apps as well. Think about your internal customers, employees using in-house apps.

Apperian found that 60 percent of organizations are creating their own mobile apps to support core business processes. Citrix Concierge lets your IT team quickly and easily assist employees who rely on these internal apps.

Take a look at what Citrix Concierge can do:

  • Screen sharing: See the customer’s mobile app screen and any touches or changes made.
  • Video: Show your webcam to customers to create a more human experience.
  • Audio: Talk directly with customers through built-in VoIP.
  • Chat: Easily chat with customers inside the app when the environment makes video or audio calls difficult.
  • Camera sharing: Take a look through the customer’s mobile device camera to see what the customer physically sees.
  • Annotation & touch assist: Draw or highlight directly on the mobile app screen and mark where customers should click.
  • Device information: See contextual details about the customer, including device type, OS version, network connectivity and battery charge.
  • Smart inbox: View your customer requests and start sessions in a single click. Inbox can automatically route your customer requests based on the app and platform they are requesting support from.
  • User management: Create teams for your experts so incoming requests are routed correctly.
  • Live stats: Get a simple overview of your customer service operations, including pending requests and average wait times.

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Probably one of the more important features of a strong mobile presence is being able to provide quick and responsive service in real time.

To learn more, call us at 1 855 263 2838 or visit

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