What’s New in GoToAssist Corporate 11.8

We’re in the process of rolling out GoToAssist Corporate Version 11.8, so we wanted to provide a quick look at some of the new capabilities. Here’s what we’ve added.

Invite external specialists
We’ve extended the power of the GoToAssist internal collaboration features (invitation and transfer). You now you have the option of inviting anyone to a session regardless of whether they have a HelpAlert seat.

Get employees onboarded quickly
The new HelpAlert allows you to save your configuration, which, in addition to being a real time-saver for onboarding new employees, helps maintain consistency throughout your organization.

See the screen of new Android devices
Full remote control on Samsung and LG devices already gives you access to the majority of Android devices. But with the current release of GoToAssist Corporate on the Google Play Store, you can now view the screen of any mobile device running Android version 5.x or higher.

Reboot and reconnect Mac systems
Reconnecting with Mac customers after you send a system reboot is now automatic. Customers seamlessly reconnect to the original session after their Mac restarts and they log in.

We still want to hear from you

We’d like to say thanks for all the feedback we’ve received within the Management Center. As always, we want more. Please remember to complete the form when it’s offered and include comments.

We’ll continue to reach out with important messages and updates through the Management Center notifications. These are a great way to stay informed, so be sure to check the notification section frequently.

For extra information about these features and all of our releases, view the full GoToAssist Corporate Release Notes.



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