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Announcing SeeIt 2.0

Today, we’re excited to launch the future of video support: SeeIt 2.0.

It contains a huge new feature: browser-based video chats.

That means no app download required, and customers can just open a link you send them over any channel you want to hop right into a video session.

This capability has long been possible on Android, but was only made possible on Apple devices with the most recent release of iOS 11. We’re excited to get it into your hands as quickly as we can.

No download necessary!

The big news of this release is that your customers can now open up a video session by clicking a link — no app download necessary. The sessions open in their phone’s browser (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android). This lets you generate and send URLs to customers over any channel, with no barrier to getting right into the session.

  • No longer any hassle to starting a video session (no “go to the app store…”)
  • No longer any delay to starting a video session (no “wait for the app to download”)

This will change the way you do support

  1. Faster resolution times. Your agents will feel no barrier to sending out a link to a customer, letting them engage in high-fidelity troubleshooting right away and closing cases that would have taken longer over the phone, or with the delay of an app download.
  2. Better NPS & higher quality support. Customers love the immediacy and rich feedback that video provides, leading to higher-quality interactions in which your agents are able to “see what I see” with the customer and produce more satisfying resolution.
  3. Use any communication channel you want. SMS and Email are built in to Seeit, but you can just as easily generate and send links to customers over any social, messaging, and support channels you already use.

Where is video support going in 2018?

The modern support organization is undergoing a revolution. At LogMeIn, we are watching as call centres transition from “the old way” (inbound phone calls and email tickets handled by human agents), to “the new way” (pre-empt and deflect simple inquiries with adaptive knowledge bases and AI tools, and empower your agents to be superhuman with a rich set of interaction tools like video, IoT data, and direct eComm/ERP/CRM integration for those complex customer issues that cannot be resolved by AI).

At Seeit, we are building tools for the “Support of Things” — tools and platforms built specifically for companies that have to support physical products out there in the world. As the complexity of modern products rises, your support teams should rise in sophistication to match.

Video support will continue to play a role among a host of other facilitating technologies. In addition to continuing to improve Seeit 2.0 with features like video recording, annotation, and sharing back screenshots, our team will be working to integrate video support alongside other tools that make your support organization succeed — AI, messaging, CRMs, ticket management and more — to bring all of the tools necessary for your team into a cohesive toolbelt.

We’re looking forward to growing with you!

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