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GoToAssist Makes Remote Support Easier and More Secure with Latest Releases

It seems like nearly every day we see headlines detailing a new and data breach that puts businesses and consumers at risk. More often than not, those breaches are due to easily avoidable vulnerabilities – weak passwords being the most frequent culprits. In fact, according to the most recent Verizon Data Breach report, 81% of reported data breaches were caused by weak or reused passwords.

So, what does this have to do with remote support? Well, everything. Security is at the heart of everything we do at LogMeIn and that’s especially true when it comes to our remote support family of products. After all, we are providing a way for customer support teams to remotely access customer computers. It is essential that everything about that engagement is trusted and secure.

In an effort to continue that mission, this week GoToAssist added two-factor authentication to its feature set. Once enabled, logging in with two-factor authentication will require – in addition to your username and password – a one-time code that gets generated by your authenticator of choice (compatible with LastPass, Microsoft or Google Authenticator) making credential attacks much more difficult. Without the correct combination of the password and the one-time passcode, access to GoToAssist will be denied – meaning that even if your password is stolen, cyber criminals won’t gain access.

Knowing that our work to improve the remote support experience is never done, we’ve also elevated our Active Directory Connector integration to now allow customers to use the free Active Directory Connector (ADC) to easily manage users and license provisioning. Additionally, you can still use an existing AD management tool like Okta. And finally, we’re adding  Single Sign-On for GoToAssist allowing customer to access all their GoTo products using the same identity provider they use for other enterprise applications and environments.

We are excited to be ending 2017 with a bunch of new features that will make using GoToAssist even easier (and more secure). To learn more about the latest enhancements to GoToAssist, visit the support page and for current customers, feel free to review our release notes and provide any feedback in our product community page.

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