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Welcome to the Future of IT Support: Introducing RescueAssist

The job of the IT support professional is not an easy one.  IT help desks are tasked with keeping employees secure and productive no matter where they are or what device they are using– all while battling shrinking budgets and ever changing compliance parameters.    While the tools and technologies employees use to get their jobs done are maturing at lightening speeds, support tools have lagged woefully behind in the innovation arena.  That is, until today.

LogMeIn’s RescueAssist is spring boarding remote support technology into the future.   How?  RescueAssist was born through a major overhaul of our GoToAssist support platform to deliver a groundbreaking, frictionless support experience for both the IT professional providing support and the end user receiving support.

So what does the future look like?  Let us introduce you to RescueAssist.  Here are the most exciting new features:

  1. Fully Web-based Technician Console: Knowing that time and security are of the essence, RescueAssist delivers a fully web based technician console making the support experience faster, more secure, more reliable and simpler for everyone. In addition, browser-based support means that technicians can now offer support from more platforms including Linux and Google Chromebook.
  2. Frictionless Connection: It’s no secret that IT teams are often stuck using sub-optimal tools, not purpose-built for support (ahem, online meeting tools), because they seem easier and are more familiar to the end-user.  While it may be more convenient for employees – it actually makes the job of the support agent much harder.   We’ve heard this over and over, so we did something about it.  Through a simple plugin, RescueAssist offers users the ability to start a support session right from the browser – leading to a frictionless (and familiar) experience for the end-user.
  3. Right Fit Support: Not all support scenarios are created equal. For some, a quick chat or even a peek at what’s going on can resolve the issue, so jumping into a remote control session is not only overkill but also requires more time than necessary.  RescueAssist offers support teams the flexibility to choose the right level of support for a particular user or situation.
  4. In-Channel Support: Speaking of familiar, RescueAssist also places the IT Help Desk front and center where employees are already working (we’re looking at you Slack and Microsoft Teams) to make it even easier for employees to reach out for help when they need it.
  5. Mobile Device & Enhanced Video Support: RescueAssist supports Android and iOS mobile device users and video offers the simplest and fastest way to troubleshoot a problem from anywhere. RescueAssist includes the next-generation of our innovative live video tool Seeit which allows end-users to securely show remote experts what they are seeing through their mobile device camera – with one tap.

RescueAssist is all about helping deliver the best possible support experience – for everyone.   As the modern workforce continues to evolve i.e. more remote workers, more device variety, and increased consumer-level expectations – it’s critical to bring support teams out of the dark ages and arm them with the tools and technologies needed to keep up.  RescueAssist is giving remote support industry a much-needed shot of innovation and we believe it will truly change the game for support teams and employees everywhere.

To learn more, please check out the website.

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