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Stop Collaborating & Start Supporting

We know that a great collaboration tool can make all the difference in how you get work done.  We love our friends at GoToMeeting and – they help our globally diverse team feel connected no matter how many miles apart we are.  And while our collaboration tools are wonderful at creating a great meeting experience, there are some things they can’t do.   For example, can’t wash your clothes or cook your dinner (trust me, we wish it could too) – but it wasn’t built for that.

It also wasn’t built to be a remote support tool.   We get it – sometimes you need a quick fix on something and popping up a GoToMeeting feels like the easiest option.  While it may be convenient for an employee to fire up their favorite collaboration tool – it actually makes the job of your IT support staff much harder.  Why?  Because collab tools are not built for IT support and therefore lack the fundamental features that help IT teams do their jobs.

Here are a few of the features in RescueAssist that can help turn the sometimes-painful process of support into a delightfully easy experience for everyone (can your meeting tool do this?):

  1. Start a session, fast – One of the reasons people like collab tools for remote support is because they are relatively fast to start up. Web based remote support tools remove all the friction commonly associated with starting a session, so you can get up and running in a flash.
  2. Stay in the Support Session Seamlessly – Every time I have an issue with my computer, our friendly IT team almost always needs me to reboot my computer. When that happens, I automatically rejoin the session instead of having to start from scratch.
  3. Slack Integration – We know going to an unfamiliar application can feel daunting, so RescueAssist puts the IT Help Desk where employees are already working like Slack to make it even easier for employees to reach out for help when they need it.
  4. Secure Transfer of Files – A firewall-friendly connection allows quick, easy and secure transfer of files.
  5. Remote Access — Whether it’s a server or a workstation, you can remote access machines when you need to, even if the user is away from their keyboard.
  6. Be a Multi-tasker – You can support up to 15 support sessions simultaneously so customers never have to wait in a queue.
  7. One-Click System Information – Gone are the days of digging through settings to get system information. A simple click and a report pulls all the information up in a single view.
  8. Device Friendly – We don’t just conduct business on a static computer anymore. It’s important for IT to be able to deliver next-level support to Chromebook, Android and iOS mobile device users as well.  Remote support tools can give these users the same level of support they’d get at their computers with remote control, screen sharing, chat and live video capabilities.

The job of the IT support professional is not an easy one.  It’s important to give them the tools they need to do the job so many of us rely on them for.    RescueAssist is purpose-built to provide the best possible support experience for both the IT staff and the people they are serving.  While we certainly don’t want anyone to stop collaborating – as the title of this blog may suggest — we do want our friends in IT to use the right tools for the job at hand.  Got a support problem?  RescueAssist has got your back.

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