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Slack it to Me: RescueAssist’s Newest Integration

When employees need IT support, they often do anything they can to avoid it. Why? Because no one has time to wait on hold or stand in line at the office help desk. Thankfully modern remote support tools are removing that old stigma by enabling employees to get the tech support they need whenever and wherever they are.

The RescueAssist Slack integration brings the IT support desk directly to your employees. Employees can reach your help desk via chat, and easily start a remote control session in the Slack interface using the built-in slash command — /rescue — without any installation. Resolutions are fast and fluid without jumping platforms, so everyone can get back to business with less interruption. We created these short videos to show you just how easy it is to set up and for your employees to get support.

Check it out!

RescueAssist & Slack: Install the App
Find out just how simple it is to install the RescueAssist app on Slack – and connect to your employees where they are already working.

RescueAssist & Slack: IT Help Desk Demo
Look at how fast and frictionless it is for your help desk to support employees in Slack using RescueAssist.

RescueAssist & Slack: Employee Demo
Check out how RescueAssist puts your IT Help Desk in a familiar place where employees are already working – in Slack.

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