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The Uber Effect: Is it Time for Remote Support to Take That Ride?

The impact radius of the Uber Effect covers quite a lot of territory – the transportation industry and more specifically the taxi market, the sharing economy, the labor market, the gig economy —and believe it or not, remote support. How is that related you ask? Come with me on a proverbial ride….

Medallion owners used to control the car service market. A lack of competition meant there was no need to innovate or improve the customer experience. And so the customer experience suffered. As a driver, you were under pressure to take as many fares as possible to pay off your medallion lease, which in 2014 was valued at well over $1 million per taxi. Customers were just a number. Your taxi, just another car in a long line at the taxi stand.

As a passenger, your needs were simply not a consideration. Cars smelled. Credit card machines were broken, or declared “broken” by the driver, which forced you to pay cash. Because you never knew what your final fare would be, you just had to hope you had enough cash and a tip handy at the end of the trip.

Enter Uber.

Many of us remember our first ride, because it was so delightfully different. The customer experience starts with a slick app. You select your destination, and your Uber is on its way. You know immediately where and when your ride will arrive. Then you sit back and relax in a clean car – and maybe even bottled water – because driver ratings are excellent incentive to create a nice environment for passengers. At the end of the ride, you simply exit the car and are on your way. All of the hassle of getting from point A to B is gone.

That’s what remote support should feel like.

We’ve been building an entirely new way of supporting customers to make it as simple as possible for agents and customers to do remote support right, the first time.   It’s time to say goodbye to bloated support tools fraught with friction and hit reset on remote support.  We are working on a lighter, faster, less invasive approach that shortens the distance between problem and solution.

The reimagined RescueAssist is the Uber of remote support – an experience so delightfully different, users will remember how simple and easy it is.

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