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Grab Your Hoverboards: See You at SpiceWorld 2019

SpiceWorld 2019 is just around the corner. We’re excited to talk to customers about all things IT support and host the presentation, “Grab Your Hoverboards: Preparing for the Future of IT” on Tuesday, September 24 at 2:15pm. It’s all about how to get ahead and stay ahead of changes affecting the IT world.

What’s driving these changes? We’ll dig into it more at SpiceWorld, but here’s the skinny:

Users are tired of slow, subpar support. A recent Aberdeen survey reports that topping the list of end-user grievances is slow response time and a lack of critical application knowledge. They want great support, and they want it now.

Meanwhile, today’s IT departments are overtaxed. They’re challenged with supporting more – more systems, more technologies, and more devices – while controlling costs. Aberdeen reports that controlling the cost of IT service is the top concern of IT Support professionals, followed by meeting demand for rapid delivery of new services and fulfilling end user requests quickly.

It sounds like end users and IT professionals are on the same page: they want support to be better and faster. Why isn’t yesterday’s support good enough?

We’ve pinpointed three reasons:

  1. Consumer Expectations – Employees expect support interactions to be as lightweight and frictionless as the apps used in their consumer lives. Call it, the Uber Effect.
  2. Technology Advancements ­– Apps employees love are driven by major advancements in technology, like universal connectivity. Being “always-on” adds complexity to the support experience as well as security concerns.
  3. Changing Workspace– In a growing freelance economy, and with mobile devices taking precedence, remote workforces are becoming the norm, not the exception.


So that’s the high-level background on what’s driving the future of IT. How do you take action with tactical practices to get ahead and stay ahead? Grab your hoverboards. We’ll see you at SpiceWorld.


Add it to your calendar:

SpiceWorld: LogMeIn Presentation

“Grab Your Hoverboards: Preparing for the Future of IT”

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


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