GoToAssist Corporate (v11.2, b1083) Release Notes

Released August 30, 2014


  • HelpAlert & Customer Applications:
    • Support for FIPS 140-2 security standards
    • New Mac standalone application
    • Sound for incoming chats (Customers and Representatives)
    • Retirement of build 736
  • Management Center:
    • New setting to log off inactive representatives
    • Sound for incoming chats (Customers)
    • Lower minimum failed attempts to account lockout
    • Download new Mac standalone application
    • “Java Required” note on Session Review page

What’s New?

HelpAlert & Customer Applications:

Support for FIPS Security Standards

  • GoToAssist Corporate HelpAlert and customer applications now utilize the FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module to allow compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1 security requirements (a government computer-security standard). This will allow GoToAssist Corporate to deliver secure remote support services to government agencies and private companies that have explicit FIPS 140-2 security standards within their environment.

New Mac Standalone Application

  • Mac customers can now join Phone Mode support sessions without going to a customer portal by using the standalone customer application. Previously, the standalone application (introduced in the v11.1, b1055 release) was only available to Windows customers. This application is a self-contained executable that can be saved to the customer’s computer and be double-clicked to launch (i.e., it does not need to be installed). It can also be distributed, meaning that administrators can embed it on their own website, provide it via network sharing or even deploy it to customers. Managers and administrators can now download the new standalone customer application in the Management Center (see “Download New Mac Standalone Application” below for more information).  

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 09.18.10 Sound for Incoming Chats (Representatives)

  • It is now possible to enable a sound to play for representatives each time they receive a chat message. The chat sound is enabled for representatives by default. They can choose to disable it in the HelpAlert application by going to Preferences > Chat and disabling the “Play sound when new chat messages arrive” check box. See “Sound for Incoming Chats (Customers)” below for more information about enabling/disable the sound for the customers as well.

8-27-2014 8-14-21 PMRetirement of Build 736

  •  HelpAlert build 736 has been retired with this release and can no longer be downloaded or used by representatives.

Management Center:

New Setting to Log Off Inactive Representatives

  • Managers can now choose to have inactive representatives automatically logged off after a certain period of time, which will allow accounts to better utilize concurrent seats. Representatives are “inactive” if they have no active sessions and there has been no activity within HelpAlert (e.g., mouse clicks) for the specified amount of time. Previously if a representative forgot to log out, they would continue to occupy a seat and prevent active representatives from logging in and supporting customers.
  • To access this setting managers can do the following:
    • 1. Log in to the Management Center and go to Teams > [select team] > Manage settings for all representatives in this team.
    • 2. Enable the “Logoff Inactive Representatives […]” check box.
    • 3. Enter how many minutes a representative should be inactive before being logged off, then select how long of a warning countdown inactive representatives should receive before being logged off.
    • 4. Use the radio buttons to choose whether to have representatives logged off only if they are unavailable, or have them logged off regardless of their status.
    • 5. Click Save Settings when finished.

G2AC_11.2_4Sound for Incoming Chats (Customers)

  • It is now possible to enable a sound to play for customers each time they receive a chat message. The chat sound is disabled for customers by default. Managers can choose to enable it on a per-portal basis by logging in to the Management Center and clicking Portals in the left navigation, selecting the desired portal and enabling the “Enable sound for customer on chat receipt” check box.

8-27-2014 7-51-28 PMLower Minimum Failed Attempts to Account Lockout

  • The “hard lockout setting” (i.e., the minimum number of times a representative can enter an incorrect password before being temporarily locked out) can now be set to a minimum of 5 attempts. Previously, the minimum was 10 failed attempts.

8-29-2014 3-45-44 PMDownload New Mac Standalone Application

  • Managers and administrators can now download the new standalone customer application in the Management Center under Downloads > Download Customer Application for Pre-Installation > Download > Standalone Application for PhoneMode v11.2.1083. See “New Mac Standalone Application” under “HelpAlert & Customer Applications” above for more information.

8-27-2014 10-26-34 PM“Java Required” Note on Session Review Page

  • The Session Review page now includes a note informing managers that Java is required in order to replay sessions.