GoToAssist Corporate (v11.4, b1135) Release Notes

Released: March 28, 2015 (PST)


  • Management Center changes
    • New “Concurrent Usage” Report
    • New Notifications
  • GoToAssist Corporate Customer Standalone Application changes
    • Customized join-flow process for Phone Mode customers
  • HelpAlert Desktop App changes
    • Logoff Notifications
    • Chat history transferred for Mac customers

What’s New in the Management Center

New “Concurrent Usage” Report

  • Users with Management Center access can now run reports (by team or portal) that show concurrent usage from within the Management Center. Previously, this type of report was only accessible by request from an Account Manager.
  • The new Concurrent Usage report includes the following information:
    • Company Name: Name of parent company.
    • Logins: Total logins during report period.
    • Max Logins Used Concurrently: Maximum number of representatives logged in at the same time.
    • Date and Time of Max Concurrent Logins: Last time in the report period when Maximum Logins Used Concurrently reached.
    • Average Peak Logins: The number of times as a daily average that the Max Logins Used Concurrently was reached during the report period.

Concurrent_Report New Notifications

  • Users with Management Center access will now see notifications on the Home page if a notification is created by their account admin.

Upgrade message:

MC_Upgrade_NotificationAnnouncement message:


What’s New in the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Standalone Application

Customized Join-Flow Process for Phone Mode Customers

  • Representatives can now integrate their own third-party software with the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Standalone Application using APIs in order to create a customized join flow that automatically launches their customers into session without customers having to enter a session ID (Phone Mode portals only). Representatives can also configure upgrade preferences for their customers using the API integration.
  • To learn more about setting up this integration using the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Side API, please follow these steps:  
    1. Log in to the Management Center at 
    2. Select Downloads in the left navigation.
    3. Select Download Integration SDK and Information Download SDK AgentSide.
    4. Save “”.
    5. From the zip file, open “GoToAssist Customer Side API Developers Guide.pdf”.

What’s New in the HelpAlert Desktop App

Logoff Notifications

  • When a representative is using an API integration to run HelpAlert through a third-party application (e.g., CRM) and the “Logoff Inactive Reps” setting in the Management Center (introduced in v11.2, b1083 release) is enabled for that representative, they will now be properly logged off after the appropriate amount of time. Previously, representatives who were logged in via API would not receive a notification of inactivity and would remain logged in.
  • To learn more about the GoToAssist Corporate Agent Side API (i.e. forceLogon and forceLogoff), please follow these steps:
    1. Log in to the Management Center at
    2. Select Downloads in the left navigation.
    3. Select Download Integration SDK and InformationDownload SDK AgentSide.
    4. Save “”.
    5. From the zip file, open “GoToAssist Corporate Agent Side Developers Guide.pdf”.

 Chat History Transferred for Mac Customers

  • The Chat history for an existing support session is now displayed for representatives when they are the recipient of a transferred session or join a collaborative session with a Mac customer. Previously, the chat history would not be automatically populated in the newly transferred sessions like it was when in session with a Windows customer.

Bug Fixes:

The following changes, fixes and Customer Care escalations were also included in this release:

  • Fix for updating copyright signatures to display new Citrix entity information
  • Fix for file transfer menu option for Mac customers being available when disabled for the portal
  • Fix for Logon/Logoff issues using Agent-Side COM API
  • Fix for HTML Chat on iPad Air for the cursor misplacement after pressing “return”
  • Fix for redirect from “add sub-portal” to “add portal” when wrong link name
  • Fix for sub-team requiring log-off time for inactive reps
  • Fix for progress bar movement on Mac 10.6
  • Fix for re-posting of Phone code leading to error: “Sorry, you cannot ask another question until your current session has finished”
  • Fix for HelpAlert crash in after clicking OK in Question dialog
  • Fix for annotation drawings moving behind all other Windows after first mouse click
  • Fix for some characters in scripted messages later converting to HTML
  • Fix for showing Reps as “available” (if still logged in) after hours of operation
  • Fix for invited rep being unable to take keyboard and mouse control
  • Fix for removal of “New Reports Only” messaging for PDF format
  • Fix for adding HTML links in the header for the “No Reps Available” page
  • Fix for broken hyperlink in About window of ReplayApp
  • Fix for error when using a single quote in a filter parameter when using API
  • Fix for reports that can’t be generated, saved (scheduled) or created (monthly) for Russian translation
  • Fix for View Details box in monthly reports not being translated
  • Fix for Deletion dialog in monthly reports not being translated
  • Fix for inability to download monthly reports in non-English locales
  • Changed “customer” field in FastChat to “customer name”
  • Fix for seeing “Error ID 1879291277” instead of “Unsupported OS” error message
  • Fix for default browser controls hiding the Chat Box and Send buttons in HTML chat
  • Fix for FlashChat not being properly zoomed on Mac OS X
  • Fix for chat sound on customer side not playing when window is minimized
  • Fix for “always open Web Chat sessions in a new browser window” setting being is ignored in HTML chat
  • Fix for dashboard crashing when viewing sub-team
  • Fix for misaligned Continue button with Russian locale in FlashChat
  • ​Fix for displaying file transfer directories as links in the transfer status window
  • Fix for stopping a file transfer gracefully if customer aborts during mid-transfer

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