GoToAssist Corporate (v11.8, b1205) Release Notes

Released June 26, 2016 (PDT)


  • Management Center changes
    • Ability to configure “External Specialist” option per portal
  • HelpAlert Desktop changes
    • New Mac Reboot/Reconnect option
  • General changes
    • Ability for external specialists to use an invitation code on (Phone Mode portals only)
  • Various bug fixes and additional changes

What’s New?

Management Center Changes

Ability to Configure “External Specialist” Option Per Portal

  • Company managers can now enable or disable the ability for representatives to invite up to 5 external specialists to their support sessions for each portal they manage within the Management Center.  Previously, this portal setting could only be configured by an account manager via the Internal Admin Center.  (GTA-7486)
    • Note:  By default, external specialists will be invited with remote control access when they join the support session.
  • To enable the “External Specialist” portal setting, company managers can do the following:
    1. Log in to the Management Center at
    2. Click Portals on the menu in the left navigation.
    3. Click the drop-down Arrow icon ArrowIcon.pngthen click on your desired portal name.  ClickPortalName.png
    4. Check the box next to “Invite External Specialist.”
    5. Click Save Settings.


HelpAlert Desktop App Changes

New Mac Reboot/Reconnect Option
  • Representatives that host standard (e.g., screen sharing) support sessions now have the ability to reboot and reconnect to customer’s Mac during a support session.  Once the customer’s Mac has rebooted, the representative will be reconnected to the session once the customer logs back in to the same user account that was used during their support session prior to reboot.  Please note that the representative must use the reboot and reconnect feature in the representative Chat box or Viewer menu in order for the session to be reconnected.  If the customer uses Apple Menu > Restart will prompt them to click Quit or Don’t Quit to confirm that they would like to leave the session, and it will not be reconnected to the representative.  (GTA-200)
    • Note:  The portal setting “Reboot/Reconnect must be set to True in the representative’s Chat/Viewer Settings.
  • To reboot/reconnect to a Mac customer, representatives can do the following during their active session:
    1. Click the Reboot icon RebootIcon in the representative Chat box or Viewer toolbars or select System > Reboot and Reconnect from the Viewer menu, or Tools > Reboot and Reconnect from the representative Chat box menu.
    2. On the representative side, click Yes on the prompt to confirm.   ConfirmRep
    3. On the customer side, click Yes on the prompt to confirm.  ConfirmCustomerMac
    4. Once the customer’s Mac has rebooted, they will be prompted to log in with their user account credentials.  They must log in with the same user account credentials that were used prior to the reboot in order for the support session to reconnect.
    5. When the customer logs in to their user account, the support session will reconnect to the representative.  Depending on the representative’s account configuration, the customer may be prompted to click Yes to allow screen sharing once again.


General Changes

Ability for External Specialists to Use an Invitation Code on (Phone Mode Portals Only)

  • All external specialists (i.e., up to 5 can be invited per session) who receive an invitation code from a representative using a phone mode portal are now able to join a support session from  As a result, external specialists are no longer required to visit the representative’s assigned portal web address or use the Invitation URL to join the support session; instead, if they have received an invitation code from a representative, they can visit, enter the code, and join the support session.  Previously, the use of was unavailable for certain representative accounts, their customers, and all external specialists whom had been invited to join a support session.  (GTA-7231)
    • Note:  To use this feature, the representative’s phone mode portal must be enabled to invite external specialists.
  • Once the external specialist has received an invitation code from a representative, they can join the support session as follows:
    1. Go to
    2. Enter the invitation code in the Session Code field.
    3. Click Start Support Session.  Gotoassistme.png
    4. Once connected, enter your name when prompted.
    5. Click Continue to connect to the support session as an external specialist.


Bug Fixes

The following changes, fixes and Customer Care escalations were also included in this release:

  • Fix for displaying a chat notification when screen sharing is accepted or denied on Mac customer support sessions.  (GTA-7341) 
  • Fix for displaying system messages within the chat when a Mac customer’s screen sharing status has stopped, paused, or resumed.  (GTA-728, -7649)
  • Fix for error message, “unable to start application” that occurred when some customers attempted to join a support session.  A new command line parameter (i.e., LoaderPathX64) introduced a memory issue, resulting in this error message.  (GTA-7482)
  • Fix for allowing external specialists to join a support session in view-only mode.  (GTA-7580)  
  • Fix for preventing system messages from being displayed to the customer if a masked representative has joined an HTML Chat session.  (GTA-6504)
  • Fix for allowing an expired single day holiday to be updated only if the past date is changed to a future date before clicking Save Settings.  (GTA-6604)
  • Fix for displaying all request dialog prompts in the foreground, even if the chat window is minimized.  (GTA-6813)
  • Fix for displaying the correct representative name within the chat history when an HTML Chat session is transferred to another representative and the portal setting for “Chat history follow on session transfer” is enabled.  Previously, the first representative’s name in the chat history would display as the second (i.e., transferred) representative’s name.  (GTA-6820)
  • Fix for correctly displaying the customer’s name within a support session that is transferred to another representative.  Previously, the customer’s name would be reset to “Customer” when the transferred session was received by the new representative.  (GTA-6942)
  • Fix for correctly displaying system messages as being sent from “GoToAssist” and not the representative’s name.  (GTA-7188)
  • Fix for preventing system messages from displaying out of order on the customer side after a reboot/reconnect occurs on a Mac customer’s machine.  (GTA-7249)
  •  Fix for correctly displaying the customer’s name when they join a support session via Join URL with pre-filled parameters and the portal includes a form that requires the Customer Name field.  (GTA-7523)
  • The design and layout has been updated on the Management Center web pages (i.e., that do not require authentication) to maintain consistency in the user experience.  (GTA-5964)
  • Fix for displaying the correct error message content when creating a new message that contains a special character.  Previously, the error message would incorrectly indicate that a special character was being used to create a Message Label or URL.  (GTA-6966)
  • Fix for a spelling correction in the localized German version of the Management Center when managing representative settings.  (GTA-7356)
  • Fix for allowing a Greeting to be created regardless if a Team Message or Message Category is present.  Additionally, creating/editing a Greeting will no longer modify the text of a Team Message or Message Category with the text of the Greeting.  (GTA-7404)
  • Fix for correctly handling sessions and displaying informative error messages when an HTML Chat session cannot be started due to connection servers being unavailable.  (GTA-7578)
  • Fix for displaying HTML chat messages in the correct order when time zones between the representative and the customer are different.  (GTA-7682)
  • Fix for an app crash that would occur when a customer would attempt to reboot their Mac during a support session.  (GTA-7763)

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