GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.3 Web) Release Notes

Released April 02, 2017 (PDT)


  • Ability to send valid invitation URLs via Facebook and WhatsApp websites
  • Updates to the Management Center “Help” and “Support” links

What’s New?

Ability to Send Valid Invitation URLs via Facebook and WhatsApp Websites
  • Representatives who use a Phone Mode portal to create support sessions for their customers can now send valid invitation URLs via the Facebook and WhatsApp websites (i.e., not the mobile messenger apps) to allow their customers to join their session.  Now when connection codes are created, the session URL is no longer invalidated by the “preview” message that becomes created within the Facebook and WhatsApp websites, which test the URL in order to provide an icon and/or short description within the message.  Previously, when customers would attempt to join from the session URL shared via these websites, they would encounter a message, “Representative unavailable.  The representative you are trying to contact is not available. Please confirm that you entered the correct code or obtain a new code from your representative” and would be unable to join unless the session URL was accessed outside of these websites (e.g., an invitation email).  This behavior was due to the session URL containing a one-time token that became invalidated by the testing performed when the “preview” message is created within the Facebook and WhatsApp websites.  (GTA-8758)

Additional Changes

Updates to the Management Center “Help” and “Support” Links

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