GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9, b1230) Release Notes

Released December 04, 2016 (PST)


  • Management Center changes
    • New “Allow to Save Login Password” option in team settings
    • Lower inactivity threshold and countdown limits for accounts with concurrent seats
  • HTML Chat changes
    • Ability to send chat messages using Enter/Return key on mobile devices
  • General changes
    • Improvements to the Representative provisioning API
  • Various bug fixes and additional changes

What’s New?

Management Center Changes

New “Allow to Save Login Password” Option in Team Settings

  • Company and team managers now have the option to allow all representatives within a team to save their login password after they initially log in to HelpAlert. Previously, this feature could only be enabled by a Citrix representative (i.e., user with internal admin access) within the GoToAssist Corporate Admin Center. (GTA-7875)
  • To enable this option at the team level, company and team managers can do the following:
    1. Log in to the Management Center at
    2. Click Teams from the menu in the left navigation.
    3. Click the name of the team or subteam.
    4. Click Manage settings for all representatives in this team (or subteam).ManageSettingsAllReps.png
    5. Check the box for “Allow to Save Login Password” to enable this feature.
    6. Use the “Apply Settings To” drop-down menu to make your desired selection of the types of representatives this change will affect.
    7. Click Save Settings when finished.


Lower Inactivity Threshold and Countdown Limits for Accounts with Concurrent Seats
  • Company and team managers that manage accounts with concurrent seats can now set the inactivity threshold between 30 – 540 minutes before a representative is logged off due to inactivity.  A representative is considered “inactive” when they are not in an active support session, and have not used their keyboard and/or mouse within HelpAlert for the specified amount of minutes indicated in this field.  Additionally, these users can also set the countdown limit (i.e., amount of time before a representative is logged off due to inactivity) between 1 – 30 minutes.  Previously, the inactivity threshold was between 60 – 540 minutes, and the countdown limit was between 5 – 30 minutes.  (GTA-7967)
  • To change the inactivity logoff and countdown time limits, company and team managers can do the following:
    1.  Log in to the Management Center at
    2. Click Teams from the menu in the left navigation.
    3. Click the name of the team or subteam.
    4. Click Manage settings for all representatives in this team (or subteam). managesettingsallreps
    5. Locate the setting for “Logoff Inactive Representatives…” and ensure the box is checked to enable the feature.
    6. The first field is for the inactivity logoff value, and can be set between 30 – 540 minutes.
    7. The second field is for the countdown until logoff value, and can be set between 1 – 30 minutes.
    8. Select from 1 of the following options:
      1. Logoff only if inactive and unavailable
      2. Logoff if inactive regardless of status
    9. Use the “Apply Settings To” drop-down menu to make your desired selection of the types of representatives this change will affect.
    10. Click Save Settings when finished.


Improvements to Messaging for Past Reports
  • Users with the ability to generate reports within the Management Center now see an informative message, “Session data is only stored for 90 days. Date range begins too far in the past” when attempting to generate a report using the “Date Range: Begin/End Dates” drop-down menu and selecting a “Begin Date” and “End Date” for session data outside of the date range allowance.  Previously, the message, “Date range begins too far in the past” would be displayed, without informing the user that the specified date range must be within 90 days.  (GTA-7581)


HTML Chat Changes

Ability to Send Chat Messages using the Enter/Return Key on Mobile Devices

  • Customers who join HTML Chat sessions via their mobile device can now use the Enter or Return key on their mobile device on-screen keyboard to send chat messages to the representative.  Previously, mobile device customers could only send chat messages by tapping Submit on their chat screen.  (GTA-8336)

General Changes

Ability to Access Locally Saved Session Recordings

  • A representative’s portal settings can be enabled by their GoToAssist internal admin for session recordings to be saved locally on the representative’s and/or customer’s Windows computer. When this setting is enabled, the screen activity that occurs during their support session will be saved as a file on their computer when the session ends, and can be played back using the GoToAssist Session Replay application.  Saving session recordings locally allows account holders to be alleviated of data privacy concerns where session recording data cannot be stored by 3rd parties  or in the U.S. due to company policy restrictions.  Additionally, accounts that need the flexibility of hosting support sessions whose session recording data exceeds our maximum file size of up to 200 MB and/or those who need to access recordings past the standard 90 day storage time frame, can also benefit from allowing this data to be stored locally.  Learn more.
    • Note:  Customers who join support sessions from a Mac will not have the ability to store recordings locally or playback session recordings.
  •  All session recordings will be saved at the end of the support session a folder called “G2ACRecordings” within the “My Documents” or “Documents” folder of the Windows user profile (e.g., C:\Users\<username>\Documents\G2ACRecordings) on the local computer of the representative that hosted the support session and/or the customer that joined the session.  The file extension (.g2a) is a proprietary session recording format that can only be played back using the GoToAssist Corporate Session Replay app.  Once downloaded, you can use the app to play back your locally stored recordings as follows:
    1. Locate and open the GoToAssist_Corporate_ReplayApp.exe.
    2. Once opened, go to File > Open Session File… sessionviewernew
    3. Locate and select your desired recording from the G2ACRecordings folder.
    4. Click Open. RecordingLocated.png
    5. The session recording will play back within the Session Viewer window.   SessionViewerPlay.png
    6. If desired, you can export your session recording to be saved in .wmv file format.


Improvements to the Representative Provisioning API

  • The Representative provisioning REST API (i.e., User Provisioning API) can now be used to retrieve the list of portal(s) to which a representative is assigned by using the findRepresentative and findRepresentatives calls.  Additionally, this API can be used to update the list of portal(s) to which a representative is assigned, which in turn provides the allowance of new portal(s) to be added or existing portal(s) to be deleted. For more information, visit the Developer Center at, select the APIs drop-down menu, and select GoToAssist Corporate API.  (GTA-8188)

Bug Fixes

The following changes, fixes and Customer Care escalations were also included in this release:

  • Fix for allowing a customer to join a support session for a Phone Mode portal using a session URL that has been sent via Skype.  Previously, customers who attempted to join these support sessions after receiving the session URL via Skype Chat would encounter an error message, and the session would only start on the representative side.  (GTA-7318)
  • Fix for allowing customers to join HTML Chat sessions from a Windows 10 Phone.  (GTA-7779)
  • Fix for preventing the “Share your screen” prompt from appearing after rebooting a Mac customer’s machine, as their screen is automatically shared again after logging back in to their user account.  Previously, the customer was prompted to share their screen, even though it was already being shared (i.e., clicking Yes or No on the prompt had no affect on screen sharing).  (GTA-7780)
  • Fix for displaying the correct date/time and time format (i.e., based on the user’s time zone settings) on the confirmation message when a user enters an incorrect session replay passphrase and exceeds the maximum amount of attempts in the Management Center. (GTA-7518)
  •  Fix for preventing the chat window (i.e., on both representative and customer side) from displaying a duplicate greeting message after upgrading to a standard session when using HTML or Flash Chat.  (GTA-7603)
  • Fix for allowing full screen mode to exit cleanly after maximizing the file transfer status window on Mac customer side.  Previously, a black screen would be displayed, and force quitting the customer app would result in an error message.  (GTA-7684)
  • Fix for recognizing “\n” as a line break in the greeting message for HTML Chat sessions that are assigned to a Queue Mode portal.  (GTA-7719)
  • Fix for preventing an error message, “Too many representatives found” after selecting representatives (i.e., less than 30 reps) while generating a report within the Management Center.  Previously, the error would appear even if the maximum count of representatives had not been reached, and the report would still generate.  (GTA-8145)
  • Fix for displaying error messages in the correct order when attempting to create a sub-portal with a name that is already in use.  (GTA-8256)
  • Fix for displaying the error message, “Portal name cannot be empty” when attempting to create a cloned sub-portal with an empty portal name field.  (GTA-8255)
  • Fix for displaying the Windows user account credentials dialog box in the foreground when upgrading to run as a service during a support session.  (GTA-8125)
  • Fix for successfully cancelling an external specialist invitation, even if the external specialist was in mid-launch of joining the support session.  Previously, an external specialist whose invitation code was canceled while they were attempting to join the session would be able to join without entering their name, and additionally receive all chat messages from the representative(s) and customer that were exchanged during the session.  (GTA-7665)
  • Fix for successfully deleting both the representative account and their Management Center access.  Previously, when a representative with Management Center access was deleted, only the representative account was successfully removed, but the Manager account remained.  (GTA-7733)
  • Fix for displaying a ConnectionErrorPosted session state in reporting when the the customer is unable to establish a connection (i.e., due to blocking IPs to the GoToAssist service within their environment) with the representative, and Flash Chat has been disabled within their portal configuration.  (GTA-7876)
  • Fix for allowing support sessions to be transferred to SmartMatch and Queuemode portals.  (GTA-8257)
  • Fix for allowing customers to successfully join an HTML Chat session from a Windows 10 Phone.  (GTA-7779)
  • Fix for displaying a message on the in the Management Center indicating that a session replay passphrase can only be used when a portal is configured to save recordings to a server only.  (GTA-8262)
  • Fix for preventing the message, ” is rebooting” on the representative and customer sides when an invited representative has joined the session after the customer’s machine has already successfully rebooted.  (GTA-8120)
  • Fix for enabling a connection check to confirm if a session can be established using HTML Chat, and if the connection is unable to be made using this Chat method, the join flow will be redirected use Flash Chat (i.e., if enabled in the portal configuration) instead.  (GTA-8155)
  • Fix for preventing a second session from being launched when the first session encounters a download error (i.e., for representatives whose accounts are set to handle 1 session at at time).  (GTA-8016)
  • Fix for successfully installing the launcher on the customer side when the portal settings are configured to both run as a service and leave the service installed after the session has ended.  (GTA-8347)
  • Fix for ensuring an HTML Chat session is launched on a mobile device even if the portal settings are configured to not use HTML Chat as a fallback option.  This ensures the customer can join a support session from their mobile device, regardless of the portal configuration.  (GTA-8297)
  • Fix for ensuring a representative that has been re-added to an account is unable to log in to the Management Center if their account is configured without Management Center Access.  Previously, a representative (i.e., whose account had Management Center access) that was deleted and re-added was able to log in to the Management Center even if their account was configured without this access.  (GTA-8310)
  • Fix for ensuring a Flash Chat session opens as a fallback method when an HTML Chat session fails but passes the parameters to the customer portal.  (GTA-8311)
  • Fix for improving the speed of screen sharing and file transfer during a support session.  (GTA-7888)
  • Fix for ensuring session transfer is successful when using the COM API.  (GTA-8412)
  • Fix for enabling the use of modifier keys (e.g., CTRL, ALT, Apple Command, etc.) during a remote control session with customers running macOS 10.7 or newer.  (GTA-344)
  • Fix for allowing a robust reboot/reconnect (i.e., where the session is running as a service) to re-establish a connection with the customer if executed more than once during a session.  (GTA-5840)

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