GoToAssist (Remote Support) App for Android (v1.0.319) Release Notes

Released July 01, 2015 (PST)


  • New GoToAssist logo
  • Various bug fixes

What’s New?

New GoToAssist Logo

All instances of the former GoToAssist logo​ OldG2ARSLogo have been updated to reflect the new GoToAssist logo NewG2ARSLogoIcon (e.g., the Home screen, shown below).


Bug Fixes:

Fix for Desktop Locking Upon Disconnect with Preference Toggled Off

When the GoToAssist Expert software has the Unattended Support preference “Lock the customer’s computer when disconnecting” set to enabled, the customer’s desktop will now lock when the technician ends the session from their Android device.  Likewise, if the preference is set to disabled, the desktop will remain unlocked upon the technician’s Android device disconnecting from the session.  Previously, the behavior that occurred upon session end was not aligning with the unattended support preference that was selected when the technician connected from an Android device.

Fix for Custom Keybar Disappearing After Display Turns Off > On

A change has been made to prevent the custom keybar (i.e., top row of keys on in-app keyboard, as shown below) from disappearing when an Android device has been turned off then back on again.

AndroidKeyboardFix for Custom Keybar Partially Hiding When Device Orientation Changes 

A change has been implemented to prevent the custom keybar (i.e., top row of keys on in-app keyboard, as shown below) from partially hiding when the Android device has been rotated from landscape to portrait mode.


Additional bug fixes:

  •  Changes made to show accurate error message when then connection for a session times out.
  • Fix implemented for app crashing when technician enters login credentials, taps Back button while log in is in progress, taps Log In and is successful, then attempts to start a new session.
  • Changes made to display a max character limit message when user types over 512 characters into chat.  Change also made to prevent chat messages that exceed character length from becoming truncated.
  • Cosmetic changes made to the title bar of the “Create Your Account” screen.

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