GoToAssist (Remote Support) app for iOS (v1.6.566.0) Release Notes

Released April 23, 2014

Note: The GoToAssist (Remote Support) app is meant for use by Remote Support technicians with iOS devices.


  • Added ability to manually join sessions
  • Added Feedback option to “Session End” flow
  • Added ability to scroll with “two-finger swipe” gesture
  • Added audio reminder chime to background mode
  • Fix for joining active sessions (iPad)

What’s New

Added Ability to Manually Join Sessions

  • Remote Support technicians will now be able to manually join active support sessions from the iOS app by tapping the new Join Session icon (lower toolbar for iPhone/iTouch, upper toolbar for iPad) and then entering the session key. Previously, the only way that technicians could join an active session was to first launch and log in to the app, then put it in background mode and tap a Join URL to be launched into session. This new option makes it easier for technicians to join active support sessions as a collaborating technician (i.e., invite to session) or to seamlessly switch from a Windows/Mac computer to an iOS device mid-session without breaking the connection.

newjoinsessionAdded Feedback Option to “Session End” Flow

  • When Remote Support iOS technicians end a support session from the iOS app, they are now prompted with an additional end session option that allows them to leave feedback about the product. If desired, technicians can tap the new End and Give Feedback option to be directed to a brief survey in the browser app once the session ends.

EndAndFeedbackAdded Ability to Scroll with “Two-Finger Swipe” Gesture

  • Remote Support iOS technicians can now use a “two-finger swipe” gesture to scroll up and down while in a support session.

2fingerswipeAdded Audio Reminders to Background Mode

  • When iOS technicians put the Remote Support app into background mode during an active support session, they will now hear the following recorded message: “Your GoToAssist support session is still active.” This will be followed by an intermittent “chime” noise every few seconds to serve as an audio reminder that they are still in an active session.

Bug Fix

Fix for Joining Active Sessions (iPad)

  • Remote Support technicians can tap a Join URL on their iOS device to automatically launch the GoToAssist app, log in (if prompted) and join the active session. Previously, a bug prevented some technicians from being able to successfully join the session once the app was launched.

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