GoToAssist (Remote Support) App for iOS (v1.6.662.0) Release Notes

Released March 9, 2015


  • Support for restricted technician permissions
  • Support for proxy authentication
  • Removal of audio announcement when app is in background

What’s New?

Support for Restricted Technician Permissions

  • If technicians have “access to unattended computers” disabled by an admin, they will now see the Unattended Support button on the Home screen grayed out.

Photo Mar 10, 11 13 33 AM

Support for Proxy Authentication

  • Remote Support iOS technicians can now log in to a proxy server through the iOS app (e.g., in order to access a private network). This can be useful for companies in which the network administrator limits internet access; previously, this caused some technicians to be unable to access the internet otherwise.

Proxy Credentials

Removal of Audio Announcement when App is in Background

  • When a technician puts the GoToAssist (Remote Support) app into background mode, they will no longer hear an audio announcement that the app is still running, but simply in background mode.

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