GoToAssist (Remote Support) App for iOS (v2.0.0) Release Notes

Released November 02, 2016 (PDT)


  • Fresh new look and feel for the agent app
  • Teminology change from “expert/technician” to “agent”
  • Bug fixes and minor changes

What’s New?

Fresh New Look and Feel for the Agent App
  • The GoToAssist (Remote Support) agent app for iOS has received a refreshing new look and feel throughout the mobile app for a visually pleasing experience with improved performance.  These changes also compliment the agent app’s recently updated counterparts – the GoToAssist Remote Support desktop and web apps.  (MOFRESH 140, -141, -143)
New Look and Feel
Previous Look and Feel
Terminology Change from “Expert/Technician” to “Agent”
  • Cosmetic changes were applied to the instructional text of all app screens to now refer to the “expert” or “technician” as the “agent.”  These changes were made as a progression in aligning terminology across the GoToAssist products; using one term (i.e., agent) to refer to the user that is hosting a session.  (MOFRESH-107)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for correctly displaying the Send button on the Chat screen when a long chat message is attempting to be sent.  (MOFRESH-176)
  • Fix for ensuring all email invitations include “GoToAssist Invitation” as the subject line when sharing support info via email.  (MOFRESH-195)
  • Fix for allowing the Groups list on the Unattended Support screen to refresh (i.e., using the “pull-to-refresh” action) and displaying “Loading…” with a Loading icon in the top navigation while the list is repopulating.  (MOFRESH-197)
  • Fix for layout position of the keyboard toolbar extension when using an external (i.e., hardware) keyboard. (GTARS-5956)

Provide Feedback

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