GoToAssist Remote Support & Monitoring (v15.7.1 Web) Release Notes

Released August 24, 2015 (PST)


  • New process for contacting support​

What’s New?

New Process for Contacting Support

  • Technicians who have logged in at with their email address and password will now see a localized Contact us link (i.e., translated in their selected language) at the bottom of their GoToAssist Remote Support and/or Monitoring landing page(s), as shown below. If they are seeking support, they can click Contact us, which will guide them through a new support flow process and assist them with reaching GoToAssist Customer Care.  Previously, a non-localized support email alias (i.e.,, also shown below) was displayed, which allowed technicians to send an email to contact GoToAssist Customer Care.

New Contact Information

ContactUs1Previous Contact Information


  • Once a technician has logged in and decides to contact support, they are guided through a new support process, as follows:
      1. ​Click Contact Us (i.e., translated in their selected language) in the bottom navigation of the GoToAssist Remote Support or GoToAssist Monitoring landing page (see New Contact Information image, shown above).​
      2. On the page, click GoToAssist.WhichProduct
      3. Select the version of GoToAssist for which you’d like support on the “Which product do you need help with?” page.  In this example, we will click GoToAssist Remote Support.​
        • Note:  The “How would you like to contact us?” section will remain grayed out (i.e., on steps 3-5) until step 6 has been reached.  This is intended to encourage self-service support prior to contacting GoToAssist Customer Care.ChooseVersion
      4.  Select a category (e.g., Getting Started, Manage account users and permissions, etc.) on the “What do you need to contact us about?” page that relates to your support question.  In this example, we will click Getting Started.RSSupportCategories
      5.  Select a sub-category (e.g., Install GotoAssist, Phone and tablets, etc.) on the “Tell us more” page that provides more detail about your support question.  In this example, we will click Install GoToAssist.RSTopics
      6. Choose from a list of popular support site articles (e.g., Install GoToAssist Expert for Windows/Mac, Set up Unattended Access, etc.) on the “Others found these articles helpful” page that most closely relates to your support question.OthersFoundArticles
      7. If you do not see an article that represents the reason you are seeking support, you can choose from the following contact options in the “How would you like to contact us?” section:
        • Ask Community  This will redirect you to the GoToAssist Community at where you can search conversations to see if your question has previously been answered.
        • Create ticket  This will display a support ticket template that will prompt you to provide further details about your support question, then click Submit to send an email to Customer Care.  Please note that this type of support request generally takes 1-3 business days to complete.
        • Call  This will display the toll-free and long distance telephone numbers (i.e., based on your selected country on the GoToAssist Settings page) to call Customer Care for support.​ContactUsOptions

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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!

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