GoToAssist Remote Support (Reporting Service v16.8.0) Release Notes

Released August 31, 2016 (PDT)


  • Fix for displaying all reporting data for collaborated sessions
  • Backend change for former GoToAssist Express users

Bug Fixes

Fix for Displaying All Reporting Data for Collaborated Sessions
  • A fix was implemented to ensure all reporting data is displayed for sessions that occurred where another agent joined the session (i.e., session collaboration).  Previously, some reporting data (i.e., session ID and date) was displayed out of order for those sessions where collaboration took place.  (GTARS-6269)

Backend Change for Former GoToAssist Express Users

  • A backend change was implemented to add the ability for former GoToAssist Express users to select “Companies” from the reporting service.  Previously, this feature was not available to GoToAssist Express account users as each account was maintained by 1 expert, thereby only having 1 company for reporting.  (GTARS-6479)
    • Note:  GoToAssist Remote Support users are not affected by this backend change.

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