GoToAssist Remote Support (Session Recording Service v16.12.0) Release Notes

Released December 07, 2016 (PST)


  • Fix for transcoding corrupted session recording files
  • Fix for preview image files associated with session recordings

Bug Fixes

Fix for Transcoding Corrupted Session Recording Files

  • A fix was implemented to improve memory handling in the session recording transcoder for handling larger files, and to provide engineering with the ability to manually transcode 32-bit recordings that become corrupted when the converted file is larger than 4GB in size. The manual transcoding process will result in a valid 64-bit MP4 file. (GTARS-5333)

Fix for Preview Image Files Associated with Session Recordings

  • A fix was implemented to ensure the preview image thumbnail (.png file format) associated with session recording files are successfully displayed in file directories.  (GTARS-5990)

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