GoToAssist Remote Support (v15.12.0 Web) Release Notes

Released December 14, 2015 (PST)


  • Version control enhancements
  • Support Key included in “Report Abuse” link
  • Various bug fixes

What’s New?

Version Control Enhancements
  • Technicians now have the ability to choose whether to adjust (i.e., upgrade or downgrade) the version of the expert application or the customer application when a version mismatch is detected when a connection is established with an unattended support computer.  This new version control option allows technicians the ability to run multiple support sessions simultaneously if they choose to upgrade the customer application remotely.  If the technician chooses to downgrade the expert application, only one support session will be able to run at a time if multiple unattended support computers are on different versions, and they will be prompted to close all active sessions.  Previously, only the expert application would be forced to up/downgrade to match the version of the customer application when connecting in an unattended support session.
  • When the expert application is running a lower version than the customer application, technicians will be prompted to end all existing sessions in order to connect to a computer running a different GoToAssist version.  ExitAllSessions
  • When the expert application is running a higher version than the customer application, technicians will see a dialog box indicating the version of the expert (i.e., “Your GoToAssist version) and customer (i.e., Remote application version) applications. ExpertHigherVersion
  • Technicians will be prompted within the dialog box to choose one of the following options:
    • Adjust my version – Click this option to end all active sessions and downgrade to match the customer application version. ExitAllSessions
    • Adjust unattended version – Click this option to begin downloading the required version on the customer application to match the expert application version. DownloadingRequired.png
    • Cancel  Click this option to cancel the dialog box and return to the expert application.
  • Technicians can also click on What’s this? to display a dialog that contains information about each of the version control options on the previous dialog box.  ChooseProductVersion.png
  • All instances of the “Report Abuse” link in the session end dialog box (i.e., on both Windows and Mac) displayed to the customer will now pre-populate the Support Key (i.e., Session ID) to easily send a report of the support session to Citrix.  This link is meant to be used by a customer for any session that the expert is perceived to have used GoToAssist Remote Support for suspicious or fraudulent activity during a session.
  • The “Report Abuse” link will populate with the Support Key in the following scenarios:
  • When the user clicks the “Report Abuse” link, a browser window will open with the pre-populated Session ID listed in the Support Key field. Click Send Report to submit the session information to Citrix to be reviewed for fraudulent activity. SendReportWithID.png

Bug Fixes

Fix implemented to retain memory of last selected values for options in Preferences.
Fix implemented to allow mobile expert application (i.e., iOS and Android) to connect to attended sessions when the build number was previously set to a lower version than the default.
Cosmetic change applied to allow umlauts to display correctly for the customer name.
Fix implemented to allow session data from invited technician to populate in reports.
Cosmetic change applied to display the GoToAssist Remote Support expert application icon when pinned to the Start Menu of Windows 8 or newer.
Fix implemented to correct an “Unexpected Error” when using the Wake-on-LAN feature.

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