GoToAssist Remote Support (v15.2.0 Web) Release Notes

Released Feb. 9, 2015


  • Added “Report Abuse” link to
  • Fixes for multi-account technicians

What’s New?

Added “Report Abuse” Link to

  • Users can now report suspicious activity or abuse of the product to the Remote Support team. A new Report abuse link has been added to the end of the existing warning message on the page: “Be cautious if you receive unsolicited requests to access your computer. Only join support sessions with people you recognize and trust.” Users can click the link to fill out their support key and send the fraud report.

2-4-2015 4-01-22 PM

Bug Fixes:

Fixes for Multi-Account Technicians

  • Remote Support technicians who also have a GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining global plan on their account (i.e., “multi-account” user) should no longer encounter the following issues:
    • The list of unattended support computers did not display all companies on the account for some technicians.
    • The My Unattended Computers window in the desktop app sometimes displayed unattended support computers from the wrong account.
    • Remote Support technicians were prompted to enter an access code when trying to install an unattended support computer, even though only GoToAssist Express customers are required to use access codes.