GoToAssist Remote Support (v16.12.0 Web) Release Notes

Released January 03, 2017 (PST)


  • Support for Launcher Service v2 in external APIs for screen sharing sessions
  • Bug fix

What’s New?

Support for Launcher Service v2 in External APIs for Screen Sharing Sessions 
  • Agents that use the external APIs to start screen sharing sessions now have an optional parameter (i.e., “launcherVersion”:2) to use Launcher Service v2, which does not require the use of Java.  (GTARS-7845)
  • This new optional parameter is available within the following external APIs:
    • Start Screen Sharing Session REST API
    • Start Attended Session in Browser REST API

Bug Fix

Fix for ensuring all devices within a device group remain on the build version set in their individual device group settings within the Admin Center.  Previously, when a device (i.e., unattended machine) was initially set up, the build version matched that which was set in the individual device group settings.  However, when an agent would reset the connection or checked for updates on that device, the build version would change to match that which was set as the default build version in the Admin Settings.  (GTARS-7579)

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